8 Best Free Fire (FF) Long Range Characters

Right now there are some of the best Free Fire (FF) long-range characters where it can help you in battle. The abilities that we have got on this character too, of course, can be used properly later. You have to be able to understand what characters will be used well, so that in the future we will not experience difficulties when playing later too.

The update given to the Free Fire game is indeed quite good and very interesting. Of course, all of you will not be bored later, because you can experience many interesting and unique things when playing the Free Fire game. Don’t forget the type of Free Fire Weapons because of this, it is one of the things that is quite good, of course.

Also on this occasion, we will provide some information about the Best Long Distance Characters that you can use. Of course this way you will not be easily defeated by the enemies for playing from that distance. Who are they curious about? Check out the explanation directly in the article below.

The following are the best free Fire Remote Characters that you can use when playing together with your FF friends:

1. Laura

The first character and being one of the kings of long distance is Laura, she is a character who is indeed an expert in this kind of distance. There are still many players who also use this character, when they are competing and fighting enemies. Because Laura herself is also good and this makes her very popular as a character from a distance in this game.

So the ability given by Laura is in the Scope and Accuracy section. You could say that the abilities of this character can appear, if we use Scope when attacking the enemy. Of course this will be an example, where Laura is indeed suitable for use even in long distances. Not only that, when his ability is active, his shooting accuracy with Scope will be higher.

Especially if for example you are using a long-range Sniper weapon, of course this will make the performance of that ability better and stronger for us to use. In the future, for example, if you want to use a character for Long Distance, Laura must be one of the first choices of all characters. Because it was evident that he was quite talented at attacking from a distance.

2. Clu

The next character is Clu, he is still one of the new ones in this Free Fire game. Clu is a detective who is quite clever and very strong, his target will never be able to escape and regardless of his view. Therefore, we can also take advantage of the abilities of this character, as a character for long distance as well.

So for the ability given to this Clu is Radar, we can say the same. Where Clu will later provide the enemy’s location when it is at a distance of 50 meters (if the level is max), of course the enemy cannot hide later. If, for example, we already know the position of the enemy, we just have to make plans on how to kill him.

But try to use the opportunity to make plans faster, because this character’s abilities also only last a few seconds. So with things like this in the future, all of us will definitely never be bored again even to use Clu from a distance. We will find it easier to know the location of the enemy and attack from these characters, because of the abilities given by this character too.

3. Moco

FF Characters Are Deadly When Using Sniper Free Fire!

Next, we have a character, who has almost the same abilities as Clu. He is Moco the Hacker in the Free Fire game, the abilities of this character are indeed quite good and very interesting for us to try. Of course, that way all of you, will not be bored playing remotely using the Moco character.

So the abilities given by this character are indeed quite good and very unique. Where will you all be able to show one of the enemies, if he was previously attacked by Moco’s character. Of course that way all of you later too, it will definitely be even easier to fight the enemies in the match.

But try to always be able to hit the enemy, at most you can use long-range weapons first. So that later you will be helped in this way, especially the ability given by Moco, we have to hit or shoot the enemy first. Only when the enemy is hit by a shot, of course we will immediately become stronger and will not be afraid anymore.

4. Rafael

Mandatory Free Fire Attachment

Rafael is a secret agent in this Free Fire game, of course that way you will definitely use this character to be stronger and look very handsome. Because indeed from the character’s abilities, we can find out that for example Rafael is an Agent. Not only that, we can also use Rafael from a considerable distance.

The ability given by this character, is indeed very good and very strong, you will definitely not get bored using him. So Rafael will give Sound removal, to the weapon that is being shot by him. So this way all of you later, it won’t be easily caught by the enemy so that’s why attacking from a distance is Rafael’s forte.

Try to always play from that distance, because you guys are already protected by his abilities. So that way you will definitely be able to, kill enemies from a distance without being caught by the enemy. In this way, the name of Long Life, maybe we will feel and maybe get the name Booyah too.

5. Wolfrahh

Next is the best Free Fire Remote Character named Wolfrahh, he is one of the new characters in this Free Fire game. He is also one of the gamers who made it into the Free Fire game, so that later you will definitely become stronger using Wolfrahh. Because Wolfrahh is now a very good character to be used.

The ability given by Wolfrahh is great damage, if we manage to attack the enemy’s body. This is one of the most unique abilities, where we don’t need a headshot to inflict great damage on the enemy. Only need to attack the enemy’s body, then he will receive damage which can also be equivalent to a Headshot.

Especially for the other ability, he can reduce the damage inflicted by the enemy if a headshot. Of course in this way you will definitely not lose easily, because the abilities given are quite good and very interesting. Yesterday this character was indeed present for free from the Top Up Event, if you already have this character, don’t forget to use it.

6. Kelly Awakening

FF Female Characters Are Deadly In Free Fire 2020

The damage given by Free Fire’s Long Distance Characters is great, but don’t forget about the characters who run fast too. In addition, for now, a character named Kelly has indeed got the newest Awakening name. Of course, with this character, in the end it becomes stronger and far more deadly than before.

This Long Range character for Free Fire Kelly Awakening has a new ability, where she can inflict great damage against enemies. This damage dealt will indeed be related to Critical, so naturally killing enemies quickly. Especially for now Kelly Awakening, so the best character for long distance in the game Free Fire.

Just imagine him using a Sniper whose damage is already big, then the damage increases because of his abilities. Surely it can reach 200 for one shot, not getting the head but getting the body. If you want to find the best character for this distance, Kelly might be one of the best choices for you to solve the problem later.

7. Alvaro

Free Fire Launcher Weapon Error

For the Long Range Free Fire Character, we don’t use long-range Assault Rifle or Sniper type weapons, but Alvaro is indeed quite deadly if we use Launcher-type weapons. Of course because he was quite skilled, in the so-called explosion ability. So those who use Alvaro’s character will definitely be pretty good and strong when competing.

So the ability given by Alvaro is that he can make launcher weapons, become more dangerous and can also make these weapons even further the Ranges. Of course something like this, is indeed a pretty good thing. So things related to this, it’s pretty cool for us to try.

Alvaro is a barbaric free fire character, where he only deals with explosions. The ability of this character is quite good and very strong, so we have to use it properly. If you want to know about this Alvaro too, it can deal massive damage to yourself. So be careful, if you want to use this character remotely.

8. Luqueta

The difference between Luqueta vs Antonio free fire

The last best Free Fire (FF) long-range character that is suitable for long distance is Luqueta, he is one of the new characters coming into this Free Fire game. Of course with that, the abilities of this character are indeed quite good and this will help us in battle. Luqueta will also give you more Max HP, which will help when fighting.

You could say the ability of this character is an increase in Max HP, if he manages to kill the enemy. If for example you are afraid of the Rush thing, try to be able to play remotely. But you must have a long range weapon that is right, so that later you can also kill the enemy quite easily when attacking.

Try to be able to kill the enemy and get an additional Max HP, if successful to kill him. So that way you will definitely not get bored later, use this character in the Free Fire game. Especially because of this unique ability, where Max HP will be one of the big winners for all of us.

Every character in the Free Fire game is indeed strong, but we have to play it properly too. So that later the character will be stronger, than what we also imagined. Therefore, later on, don’t forget this Long-distance character. Because that character will also help you, even attacking enemies from a considerable distance.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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