8 Best Hero ML Type Range in Mobile Legends 2020, Boss Sick!

As one of the best MOBA games on smartphone devices. Mobile Legends presents a variety of interesting heroes that are unique and very diverse. So, one of them is a hero with a range type in the following Mobile Legends. We have 8 rows of the best range type mobile legends hero until the current new season.

Range-type heroes are heroes who have long-range attacks in Mobile Legends. This type of hero is usually owned by a marksman or mage hero with a unique attack.

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Best ML Type Hero in Mobile Legends

This time the range of heroes with Range types in Mobile Legends is the best that you can play. Some of them are held by marksman and mage as follows.


Layla is a marksman hero that is rarely played in Mobile Legends, but even so, she is the hero with the farthest attack distance. Even in the late game itself Layla can attack the turret without having to enter it.

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The next hero role for mobile legends marksman is Lesley. He is a hero with a single target that allows him to have the farthest attack.

Starting from basic attacks to skills, his attacks are very far away, even with his ultimate attack he can attack enemies with a far radius.


Next there is the clint hero who is a marksman hero with high damage skills, each Clint attack has a long distance and is able to penetrate the enemy’s back defense. Clint is categorized as a marksman that is rarely played today.

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There is a fairly new mage hero in Mobile Legends. This one hero mage has a brutal attack with a very far range.

The attack is able to attack the enemy by following wherever the enemy goes. With his ultimate attack, he is able to make Cecilion shoot shadows at the enemy simultaneously.


Change is the next range type hero for mobile legends. This hero mage hybrid support is actively played on season 16 of Mobile Legends. He has a distant attack, Change is one of the best mages in Mobile Legends.

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Not only Change, Eudora also has an attack that is quite far in Mobile Legends. This one hero has the ability to control natural elements, namely lightning which is very strong in Mobile Legends. But unfortunately, eudora is rarely played, especially in season 16 of Mobile Legends.


Next, there is granger, which is the marksman for the best rifle user in Mobile Legends. Granger is a marksman hero with the farthest ML type range to date. Especially in the ultimate attack which has a far reach.

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Finally, there is a female hero who is the next best range type hero for mobile legends. Just like any other marksman. Wanwan has the longest reach over moskov. Hero one is included in this meta season 16 and is an active hero.

So that’s all the furthest range of heroes in Mobile Legends. Is there your favorite hero? Have a nice play.