8 Forgotten OP Loot Free Fire Items, FF Players Must Know

Until now, there have been a lot of games that have been presented to Android, so of course, in that case, we definitely have the choice to play the game. Now by playing an exciting game, surely the pandemic period at home will not be bored. If you want to try a challenging game, you can immediately play Free Fire. In this game there is a forgotten Loot Free Fire item but it’s still an OP that you can use.

Where Free Fire is a battle royale game that is quite famous, because there are already a lot of players who play it. The developments given in the Free Fire game are indeed quite good and very interesting. So that we all will definitely not be bored, to play the game.

The updates provided by Garena for this game too, are all pretty good and very interesting to try. Now you can feel a lot of interesting things, if you play the game Free Fire right now. Don’t forget to try this game too.

When you compete in this Free Fire game, of course there are lots of looting items that you have to take when you compete. This can indeed help us all, to make it easier to fight against the enemy later. Especially right now, there are lots of loting items present in the game.

But the more and more looting items that are presented by Garena, it does not rule out the possibility that some are left behind. Not only old items, but there are also some new items that the OP was originally abandoned. Even though the item was left behind because it was considered bad, actually the ability of it was quite helpful.

So for now, we also have a few looting items left by players, but actually these items are still really useful when you use them. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation, in the article below. Maybe one of these items, is an item that you often use too.

Forgotten Loot Items But Still Very Useful in Free Fire

  1. Flashbang

Forgotten Free Fire Loot Items But Still the first OP that was the most annoying, but for some reason now Flashbang is starting to be abandoned by players. Even though if you use it for Rush and run away, Flashbang is indeed quite good and can be said to be a very useful item. Although different from Grenades, this item can interfere with your opponent.

Flashbang will make the enemy blind, if for example they see the item explode after throwing it. The blindness experienced by this enemy will not be long, only a few seconds. But in that case, we have a chance to kill him. The enemy who is being affected by this effect, cannot see where we are.

So of course Flashbang, it’s still very useful even though it’s now abandoned.

  1. Treatment Gun

Yup, the weapons that are presented in the current Free Fire game, indeed have quite a lot in total. Each of these weapons can definitely be used for multiple players, one of which is the Treatment Gun. As we know, the Treatment Gun is a weapon specifically used for Support.

The ability of this weapon is also quite good, where you can deal damage to enemies and heal your friends. But unfortunately this pretty good item is rarely used by players when playing Solo. But when it comes to playing with the Squad, this item is still quite a lot using.

The ability of this Treatment Gun is pretty good, but just try to use it in the Squad.

  1. Information Box

The Loot Free Fire item was forgotten but the next OP is the Information Box. Where this item is pretty good but it’s strange that many players ignore these items. Where the function of the Information Box will provide information, when you or your team are still at the start of the match. So the function of this item is to provide the location and location, where the first zone will appear later.

Of course knowing the start of the zone is very important, so that we can prepare ourselves to enter the zone. Even with this item, we can be calmer later if, for example, we know that the Zone is in your place. So, for example, if you find this item, don’t forget to use it later.

  1. Weapon Glock 18 Is A Forgotten Free Fire Loot Item

Glock 18 is one of the Pistol type weapons in the Free Fire game, the ability of this weapon is defeated by other types of pistols in Free Fire. But actually if this pistol is used correctly, then of course the Glock 18’s ability will be even more deadly than usual.

This weapon is widespread in matches, so you can easily get this weapon. Pistols will also help us all, if you are running low on bullets in the main weapon. In this way, the victory will probably approach us because we have spare weapons to fight.

  1. Repair Box

Forgotten Free Fire Loot Items

This next item is quite good and can be said to be very useful, where those of us who don’t use Shania or Poring will find it easier. Because the Repair Box is one of the best items in Free Fire, the ability of this item will also repair damaged Vests and Helmets.

So that way all of us who have our Vests and Helmets are badly damaged, we don’t have to be tired to look for them anymore. If for example there is this item, just use it and make sure that your Helmet Vest will immediately be fully repaired.

But strangely, items like this are rarely taken, sometimes there are also players who throw this item away because it’s not good. It means that players like that really like it, if the Vests and Helmets are destroyed quickly.

  1. Inhealer is the Forgotten Loot Free Fire item OP on FF

For example, after doing battle, Heal is one of the things that is quite important to do. Now for now also items heal in the Free Fire game, the newest one has been presented and is quite good. This item has the name Inhealer, where yesterday the item was also hit by the newest buff.

This item has the same Heal ability as the Medic Kit, but the unique thing is that Inhealer is used when we just run. But strangely enough, the players in the Free Fire game still often waste these items and throw them away. So by bringing Inhealer, surely those of you who run away can Heal simultaneously.

  1. Weapon M1887

Forgotten Free Fire Loot Items

When we compete, of course, we need a weapon, now one of these shotgun weapons was often used by players. But when you get Nerf, finally the weapon is thrown away and rarely reused. The Shotgun weapon is the M1887.

The damage from this weapon is still quite large and very painful, of course this is one of the advantages of the M1887. But unfortunately almost all parts of this weapon are Nerfed, so they are rarely used anymore. But always remember, that weapon will be good if it is in the right hands.

  1. VSS Weapons

Forgotten Free Fire Loot Items

The Loot Free Fire item was last forgotten and rarely used but it’s still good until now is VSS. This is an SMG weapon with quite a long distance. The range possessed by this weapon is almost equivalent to that of a Sniper, but strangely enough, there are rarely players who want to use it.

Maybe because this weapon is easy to counter, then the gun bullets also decrease when shot. But if for example VSS is used by the right person, of course the damage and ability of this weapon will be even more deadly than other weapons.

Each item that is presented in the Free Fire game has the potential and advantages of each. If, for example, you think that the item is weak, it means that you don’t know the potential continuation of some of these items in the match.

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