8 ML Heroes with Mobile Legends Blue Buff Priority, Pro Players Must Know!

In the Mobile Legends game, there are two buffs that can make your gameplay performance even better, namely the blue buff and the red buff. The blue mobile legends buff is a buff that has the benefit of reducing cooldown and providing additional HP regen when successfully eliminating opponents for heroes who use this blue buff. This time we have a Mobile Legends Blue Buff Priority ML Hero that you can use during the game.

The blue buff is perfect for a typical hero who is very wasteful when using his skills. Hero mage and assassin are very suitable for using this blue buff. If you use a hero who doesn’t really need a blue buff, then give the blue buff to the hero who needs it.

Hero Blue Buff Priority Mobile Legends

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the 8 Priority Heroes of Mobile Legends Blue Buff. For those of you who want to know what heroes really need this blue buff, let’s just take a look at the full review below!

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Fanny is an energy skill user Assassin hero who relies heavily on the blue buff. If you don’t use the blue buff, the fanny will be less aggressive and the use of cable skills will be very limited. Therefore Fanny needs a blue buff to get cooldown skills and reduce energy skill usage by 25%.

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Ling is an Assassin hero who also uses energy skills. Just like Fanny, this hero also needs a blue buff so that when using his skills, Ling’s energy doesn’t run out quickly.

When using skills, Ling will use up a lot of energy. This will be a dilemma when it comes to using skills but it is always limited by the diminishing Ling energy. Therefore Ling is one of the ML heroes who needs a blue buff to make his game performance more stable.


Gusion is a mage assassin hero who also really needs a blue buff. By using the blue buff, the mana use of each skill is not wasteful. Gusion requires cooldown skills because this hero relies heavily on combos to kill his opponent.

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Harith is one of the mage heroes who really need mana to spam his skills. Harith really needs the blue buff because using the blue buff makes him more efficient when casting skills and also gets a cooldown skill of 10%.


Esmeralda is a Mage hero who also relies heavily on the blue buff. With the additional effect of cooldown skills from the blue buff, Esmeralda can spam skills and get enough additional shields from her one skill.

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Selena is an Assassin mage hero who also requires a blue buff to get an additional effect in the form of a cooldown skill of 10%. That way, Selena will be able to spam her arrow skills and disrupt enemy formations or movements.


Hayabusa is also an Assassin hero who is very dependent on the blue buff because the use of energy from Hayabusa itself is considered quite wasteful. By using the blue buff, the energy use will be economical and the gameplay will be better.


Lancelot is also an Assassin hero who relies heavily on the blue buff so that Lancelot can spam his opponent’s skills. Lancelot really needs a cooldown reduction skill because it makes it easier for him to launch a deadly combo.

Now that’s an explanation of the priority hero blue buff in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Make sure to give the blue buff to the hero described above. That is all and thank you!