According to Tenz, Valorant Super Team, Agree Or Not?

Tenz, who has stepped down from the pro scene and focused on livestreaming and content creators, has an interesting opinion. There is a Valorant super team lineup according to Tenz, which he gave when livestreaming.

The names are not playing games because they are big names that have a strong reason to be in the lineup. According to him, these players were selected for their individual skills and their respective expertise.

The players who are here also play in top-flight matches. And the reason Tenz has them for his version of the super team is because of skill. But it may not work considering the need for teamwork and synergy.

Well, the Valorant super team according to Tenz is quite strong paper. What do you think about these players playing together. You can see below for the players.

Valorant Super Team According to Tenz

Dropping from Cloud9 as a pro, Tenz is now focused on streaming. In his streaming session, he was asked by chat what if he was given the opportunity to make a super team.

Tenz also answered this question. He made his version of the Valorant super team that looked very strong. It’s hard to see any negative side to the lineup except for teamwork and synergy.


Sinatraa is the name of the first pro player mentioned by Tenz. According to him, Sinatraa’s aggressive Sova play could be very suitable for this team. Many are confused about why not Hiko if the Sova player chooses.


Wardell’s AWP / OP-ing skill is no longer in doubt. Dubbed the “Online King” by his fans at CSGO, Wardell could be firepower the strong one. He has very strong Jett OP skills and is worthy of fear.


Aproto is a very strong player as a sentinel team. The reason Tenz chose him was because there weren’t many sentinel players as strong as Aproto. In fact, not only that, he has an advantage as a flex player!


There is no doubt that the Nitr0 skill from CSGO is very easy to transfer in Valorant. Tenz himself was chosen because Nitr0 is a strong IGL and is able to be quiet in clutching. One of the best Valorant players to date.


Drones have very strong raw skills and of course can be very valuable to the team. Tenz chose him as an entry duelist which could have a big impact. Maybe playing with Sinatraa could be terrible.

That is the Valorant super team according to Tenz. Looks really scary, yeah these players. With their very high skills, of course there are many who want to see them as a team together.

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