Apex Legends Best Weapon Equivalent to Legendary Weapons!

The weapons in the Apex Legends game are almost at first glance similar to the weapons in Fortnite. Players can see the level of statistics of the weapons in this game. In this game, there are various kinds of weapons that have different levels, of course. There are three weapons that have the legendary weapon level of apex legends. There is also, the Best Apex Legends weapon equivalent to Legendary Weapons that you can use

For legendary weapons, you can’t deny it anymore, these three weapons are the best weapons in the Apex Legends game. You can only get it in a Special Cache. This is a factor that makes the weapons underneath look ugly right?

But, there are also some non-legend weapons the one that can rival the strength of these three legendary weapons. Kali has several weapons that have non-legend levels with pretty good abilities. What are the best non-legendary weapons in our selection? This is it.

Apex Legends Best Weapon Equivalent to Legendary Weapons!

  1. R301 (Assault Rifle).

The assault weapon must have very good stability for its movement, therefore the R301 is the right answer. You can find this weapon in this Apex Legends game.

This weapon has the third highest bullet before the R-99, but the recoil is very small. Apart from only being used by moving vertically, this weapon able to make you very stable in shooting. Either from a short distance or even a long distance away.

  1. Triple Take (Sniper Rifle).

In this game, there are four types of snipers that you can use for war, namely Longsbow, Triple Take, G7 Scout and one of the legendary weapons, Kraber. Of the three weapons other, Triple Take is sniper is the best because it has enormous damage and is supported by has a very unique shot.

Triple Take will issue 3 bullets at once vertically. This made the attacks launched by this weapon very difficult to avoid. Moreover, coupled with Energy bullets what makes this weapon becomes more dangerous from a distance. If hit by the head, the enemy will immediately die. With great damage and unique shots, making the triple take the best weapon of Apex Legends is equivalent to a legendary weapon!

  1. Hemlok (Assault Rifle).

Apex Legends Best Weapon Almost Equivalent to Legendary Weapons

Even though it doesn’t have a stable recoil and bullet speed like the R301 weapon, Hemlok has more damage than R301. Even though the bullet speed was very slow.

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Hemlok has a very high level of accuracy and quite useful against enemies in Mid range battles. The support character is very suitable when using this weapon, in order to withstand attacks from approaching enemies.

  1. M600 Spitfire (Light Machine Gun).

Choosing a weapon when going into a fierce battle is the right answer, M600 Spitfire this will be one of the best solutions to overcome this.

This weapon has most Bullet capacity, which is 35 in the ungraded magazine. The recoil that this weapon has is quite stable and produces considerable damage.

  1. Peacekeeper (Shotgun).

Legendary Weapon apex legends

For those of you who are experts in close combat, Peacekeeper is the right answer as a substitute for the legendary apex legends Shotgun legendary weapon, Mastiff. Damage generated from this weapon is equivalent to Mastiff Damage. In terms of damage, the peacekeeper is Apex Legends’ best weapon, equivalent to the Legendary weapon in this game

However, one of the weaknesses of this weapon is a very rare accessory, if you find it during looting, just take it. Maybe you will be able to find this weapon in the former enemy who has fallen.

Those are some of the best weapons from Apex Legends which are equivalent to legendary weapons. How? Let’s play Apex legends and be the winner in this game.