Are there Super Crates on the PUBG Mobile Livik Map?

PUBG Mobile is a game with the battle royale genre that offers a more serious military style of play. Apart from the best gameplay and graphics, PUBG Mobile also continues to provide interesting innovations in its games. This time we will discuss Super Crates on the PUBG Mobile Livik Map.

As a battle royale game that came first, the development of PUBG Mobile was very fast and the public responded positively to it. Even Tencent as the developer of the PUBG Mobile game continues to fix deficiencies and provide innovations to maximize this one game.

What is still warm among PUBG Mobile players is the latest Livik map. This mini-sized map contains a variety of challenges. Including what will be discussed here, namely about the mysterious crates who are present in the Livik map.

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Livik Map


PUBG Mobile is known for its battle royale game with a long duration and a large world. However, in this latest map, PUBG Mobile actually offers an updated play mode with only 52 players in a mini map measuring 2km x 2km in a duration of 15 minutes for one match.

Even though it’s mini, the Livik map presents a variety of challenges. This map is inspired from the Nordic region and takes interesting parts from the first four maps in PUBG Mobile, namely Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. If Vikendi is covered in snow then the Livik map is a warmer area than that.

Super Crate on Map Livik

This mini map holds lots of interesting things that you can’t find in other maps. One of the highlights is this mysterious Super Crate.

Why is it called mysterious? This is because there is no specific location to find this crate. The location of these crates is random and always changing. That’s what makes Super Crates so hard to find. Even within 15 minutes, you may not be able to find this mysterious crate. It takes luck to find it in a certain area.

Loot Item Super Crate

YT / BlueFox

If on another map the players will compete to get an airdrop, then in this map the players compete to randomly find the whereabouts of this crate. Like the loot items in the airdrop which are high-quality loots, that’s what you will get if you find this mysterious crate.

In this Super Crate hidden many high quality loot items. For example, you will find loot items such as level 3 armor. In addition, and most importantly, you can find MK12 weapons which are exclusive weapons that are only available in this Livik map.

Because MK12 can only be obtained through this Super Crate alone, this low-recoil and stable weapon is very rare. For more details about the specifications of this exclusive weapon, you can read it here.

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That’s a brief review of Super Crate which stores exclusive loot items in the Livik map. We wish you the best of luck to find this mysterious crate and thank you!