Are you an M416 lover? Here are 3 special PUBG Mobile skins for M416 that are really cool!

Lots of PUBG Mobile players have weapons with skins that steal the eye. There are skins that are obtained for free by passing several conditions, some are obtained by buying.

If you are in love, it feels like spending more money on PUBG Mobile is okay. This game is indeed free, but to get cool skins, you definitely need more money.

PUBG Mobile understands that many of its players love AR weapons with a 5.56mm shell type like the M416. This weapon is a weapon that is very easy to control, but will still be a deadly weapon if used by the right hands.

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Because there are many fans of M416 weapons in PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile often releases skins for this weapon. You can upgrade this super cool example of skin so that it can change the shape of the enemy’s loot crate that you shoot, you know!

Anything hmm M416 skin that has become a topic of conversation among PUBGM players? Is that so special? Check out the explanation below!

Are you an M416 lover? Here are 3 special PUBG Mobile skins for M416 that are really cool!


When viewed from its shape, this M416 skin looks very beautiful with a purple color that dominates from its shape. There is also a smiling mouth that shows teeth and will stick out its tongue when you reach the maximum level.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.5 |  New M416 Gun Skin |  The Fool - YouTube

The loot crate of this skin is in the form of a surprise box containing a clown doll and will “come out” from the box when you have just killed an enemy using this M416. Sometimes the loot crate of this skin can outwit the enemy because it is tall like a person.

For the upgrade price, it definitely requires millions of rupiah, do you think this skin is worth buying?

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2. Lizard Roar

PUBG MOBILE - Lizard Roar - M416 Skin - YouTube

Skin Lizar Roar has just appeared in season 12, which this season is the season that celebrates the second anniversary of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is issuing this skin for sure because it has the intention to remember its birthday together with its favorite players.


This skin has a dominating yellowish green color with a hint of blue and purple on the top and bottom ends of the weapon. The color used in this weapon really stole the attention because the green color used was so bright.

At the maximum level, you will get a greenish yellow loot crate which will definitely steal the enemy’s attention when you see it.

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3. Glacier

Pubg Mobile M416 Skins Glacier - vipdownloadimage

Glacier is the best skin of all time, said some pro PUBG Mobile players and streamers. This skin is shaped and colored like ice, as if your weapon was made of ice.

The special thing about this skin is that at level 5 you will get an “On-hit effect”, so when you shoot an enemy you usually see blood splashes but by using this skin the blood splashes look like crystal white iced water splashes.

Finally!  : PUBGMobile

The loot crate on this weapon is also very unique, in the form of a snowman placed on top of a box with several gift boxes underneath. The top of the snowman also has a snow effect as if there is snow falling on top of the doll, cool!

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Based on our explanation above, which skin is your favorite? Do you already have any of the three skins? Thank you for listening!