Assassin Emblem with Greatest Damage (ML) Mobile Legends

Using this emblem is perfect for mobile legends heroes who have high bursts and don’t rely too much on ASPD to increase their DPS. As an assassin burst is better than DPS because their damage is very high so they can focus on killing enemies very quickly. There is a way to make the Assassin Emblem in Mobile Legends hurt in battle.

Moba games like Mobile Legends are complex types of games. Apart from the skills you have to master, you can also use many items. One of them is the following assassin emblem. The assassin emblem also really supports the hero burst playing style in Mobile Legends because the increased damage, pierce and crit are very strong in this emblem.


This emblem set is very suitable for assassin heroes, because it can add physical Penetration stat, Physical attack, Critical Chance, CD, movement speed.

TIER 1- Assassin’s With Spam Skill

From tier 1, you can see that Bravery offers better stats than Mastery and Agility if you play assassin burst. Bravey increases your damage so of course this burst is better.

Bravery increases physical attacks, which means that no assassin or magic burst requires this talent. For them, Mastery that provides CDR is more suitable because it can spam skills. Helcurt also sometimes uses Mastery because the CDR is pretty good, but still Bravery is the top choice.

TIER 2- Assassin’s Penetrate Enemy’s Armor

Tier has a variety of choices with penetration and crit which are tantalizing talents. With invasion that provides armor penetration, this is strong enough for the majority of assassin bursts where ASPD is not a problem and it’s better to use bursts. Tier 2 also offers Bloodthirst which provides spell vamp,

TIER 3- GPM Extra Makes Items Faster

Tier 3 is the best tier Bounty Hunter. The bounty will give you a gold bonus every time you kill the hero. This is quite powerful because it offers extra GPM to the active assassin.

High and Dry is quite suitable for fighting enemies who don’t communicate well and often play alone. While the Killing Spree is strong enough in team fight because it gives a buff every time you kill.

Those are some guides regarding assassin emblems that you can use. The assassin emblem is one of the strongest emblems that are suitable to be increased on your account because it gives a very high boost to assassin heroes and has many choices. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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