Assassin Mage Mobile Legends, Magical Damage Pain in ML!

Assassin is indeed a very deadly Mobile Legends role. Being able to deal very high damage very quickly and effectively makes them the most dangerous roles. These heroes cannot be underestimated because they can kill targets very quickly even in the blink of an eye. The advantage of using mage assassin mobile legends is that the team will have an advantage in the early and mid games, which can later become a space farming for other core heroes.

Generally, assassin heroes provide physical attacks that are very painful but some assassins have mobile legends magic damage items. This is beneficial if your opponent doesn’t do a counter build where your magic damage will always penetrate very easily. But usually this magic assassin is not easy to use.

Here we will provide an explanation of the magic assassin in Mobile Legends. Having very high damage and rarely being countered makes them the best type of assassin in the game. Take advantage of this opportunity for you to take advantage of, of course.


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This type is not like the usual assassin, because the damage it has is a magic attack. Usually a hero like this can penetrate the enemy’s defense easily because the enemy’s magic defense is not as big as Physical defense. As an assassin who has magic damage, you also act as a source of damage to the team. You must be able to attack enemies easily and prioritize heroes who are easy to kill. That way you can attack the enemy easily.

If you already have an Assassin Mage who serves as a jungler, it is recommended that you use Mage CC on the lane. Because, if you also use mage burst on the lane, the magic damage you have is too big and less effective. If you use too much magic damage such as assassin magic, mage nuker, and magic marksman then your team will be easily countered with just a few items.


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Roughly speaking, all assassin magic and assassin magic is a very strong finisher. But there is a hero who is stronger than all assassin heroes as a finisher, namely Karina. This hero gives magic damage which is very painful and very difficult to deal with when he has got his reset. Karina can clean up the entire opposing team that is dying easily.

His build item is not too different from other heroes. By focusing on increasing her magic damage, especially bursts, Karina can work really well. Burst items will really help this hero when he gets a secure kill.


If you are happy or want to get consistently very consistent kills, the assassin ganker heroes will be perfect for you. They can kill opponents on the map by moving non-stop. With this hreo-hero, the enemy will not have time to feel safe.

For their items, this is quite flexible. These heroes can make build items as damage glass cannon or a little sustain with consistent DPS damage. Their main damage usually comes from a very deadly auto attack and skill cycle like Selena.


Arguably the most difficult assassin category to use with his deadly combo. One of these heroes is Gusion where he is a very dangerous hero thanks to a combo that is difficult to use perfectly.

Their core items are usually slightly sustain with lifesteal in order to provide continuous combos. Besides that CDR is just as important.

That’s an explanation of the magic assassin hero in Mobile Legends. Heroes are very dangerous because they are very difficult to count and overcome, making them very dangerous assassins.