AWM Lightning Weapon Skins Available on PUBG Mobile

AWM is a super sniper available in the PUBG Mobile game. This time the sniper gets the latest skin, the skin for the Quick AWM weapon by following the Rune Legends event. Here is the information.

PUBG Mobile provides various types of weapons that come complete with detailed specifications. It made each weapon present have different stats and uses.

For you snipers, of course you will choose long-range weapons. For example, the DMR and of course the sniper. There are several weapons available from both types of weapons. One of the best is AWM.

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AWM Lightning Weapon Skins Available in the PUBG Mobile Game

AWM Lightning weapon skins

Currently PUBG Mobile is in Season 17 of Runic Power. As we can feel since this game released patch note 1.2 ago, players can experience battle royale battles using additional strength.

Runic Power comes with interesting innovations to the PUBG Mobile game. Players can choose from three different powers available in Runic Power.

Each strength has its own advantages and disadvantages. With different effects in each rune, you can use it according to what role you will play in the PUBG Mobile game.

The excitement of PUBG Mobile Season 17 Runic Power is also present in the interesting events on offer. One of them is the Rune Legends Event.

This typical Runic Power event is currently taking place in the PUBG Mobile game. You can check it to find out the details of the event and also the missions that you can play.

The Rune Legends event also offers attractive prizes for players who can complete the mission. One of the most interesting is the AWM Lightning weapon skin.

AWM Lightning weapon skins

As we can see in the promotional image above, the super AWM sniper is made to look elegant. With the combination of blue and red and a little touch of white, AWM looks cool when used.

The appearance does seem simple or simple. However, the red hue with white lines has succeeded in making AWM appear simple yet elegant.

With the name “Kilat” will certainly make AWM shots shot like lightning. That’s because the AWM sniper firing speed is unmatched.

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That is information about the presence of the AWM Lightning weapon skin at PUBG Mobile Season 17 Runic Power. Check the detailed info on the Rune Legends event that is currently running in the game.

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