Become a Conqueror of the Week at PUBG Mobile, Can you?

The highest tier in the PUBG Mobile rank system is the Conqueror tier. Every player tries to be the best player in their region to reach this highest tier. This time we will provide tips on how to become a Conqueror in a week at PUBG Mobile for those of you who want to push rank in the following article.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game that has millions of active players scattered in various parts of the world. The size of the PUBG Mobile player community is divided into regions.

In each region there are 500 of the best players and have the highest tier, namely the Conqueror tier. Players try to get to this highest tier with various strategies. Here we have the most effective tips for you to reach this highest tier in just a week.

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Tips to Become a Conqueror Within a Week at PUBG Mobile


First of all, you have to know that to get the Conqueror tier, players must reach the Ace tier first. Of the many players with tier Ace in a region, the best 500 players will get a Conqueror tier.

To become the best 500 players in a region, a strategy is needed. Even the strategy of each player who becomes Conqueror is different. But the point is to actually increase the stats for the K / D ratio and also the survival time in each match.

Here are tips for getting a Conqueror tier within a week.

1. Always try to survive until the late game

Because the essence of getting the Conqueror tier is increasing the defensive stats, players must be able to focus on how to survive until the late game. You must be able to enter the Top 10 in every match you play. That way your defensive time stats will increase.

Don’t be too busy to kill other players. That’s a high risk which, unfortunately, could make you die. If so, the existing K / D ratio will actually decrease. For more complete tips on this, you can read here.

2. Choosing the Right Team

If you decide to get a Conqueror tier in duo or squad mode, then choosing a team can’t be arbitrary. With the aim of being careful until the late game, if your team members are not supportive, then you will find it difficult to cover your team.

Playing with friends who you already know how to play is the right choice to be a teammate. Luckily you and your friends can have GB of each other to get the Conqueror tier.

3. Choosing the Right Map

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Next, what you have to pay attention to is choosing the right map. By paying attention to last until the late game, you can play on a map that has a long duration. Of course the maps that have a large area.

This is useful for increasing your defense time stats. You can also read tips related to choosing this map in the article: Avoid This Map to Get Conqueror Faster in PUBG Mobile(Opens in a new browser tab).

4. Play every day as hard as you can

After knowing the 3 tips above, the next thing you have to do to get a Conqueror tier in one week is to play every day to your limit. This is required to get the Conqueror tier faster.

The most important thing is that you always do the 3 points above in every match. That’s because these three are the most effective way to get Conqueror tier quickly, even just a week.

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Use the tips above to become a Conqueror in just a week. If you already get a Conqueror tier because of the tips above, then you just have to play to keep your tier from dropping. It doesn’t take a lot of effort at this point. Good luck and thank you!