Become a Free Fire Role Breacher With Pro

In Free Fire, Role is quite important if you are playing Duo or playing Squad, this will be an easy way to win in this game. There is a Role Breacher free fire, How to Become a Free Fire Role Breacher with a Pro ?.

If you become a breacher, you can determine where to take looting items and gameplay so that you can play pretty well. This time we will provide some tips for you to become a role Breacher user, what are some tips that can make you become a pro using Role Breacher? This is it!

Free Fire Role Breacher With Pro

Breacher or a role that can be called a Tank is a player who has an important role to attack in a frontal way. If you use or become a player with this role. You have to be at the front and don’t need to be afraid if an enemy attack hits you.

The important task of this role is to get the enemy’s attention so that your teammates can finish off the enemy by shooting him.

Breacher can also be an attacker at close range too. The task of players who use this role is very dangerous, therefore they must use good items and equipment, such as enough items to heal themselves in the bag.

Players who use this Role Breacher must have an ability that can give the player a bonus HP and defense.

Breacher Free Fire characters

This role is more suitable for attacks from a short distance, so you need skills that add movement speed.

Apart from running speed, you also need things like good weapons to support these characters. Besides, weapons

Here are some character suggestions that you can use for the role Breacher.

  1. Caroline

Breacher is perfect for attacking at close range using a shotgun. The skill possessed by this character can speed up your run when using a Shotgun weapon. So that you can chase the enemy and kill the enemy.

  1. Maxim

Maxim’s skills can make you eat mushrooms faster than usual and use the Medic Kit faster. You will get HP faster too in critical situations.

Of course, this is very useful when you use maxim where conditions are very depressed and also lose a lot of HP. With the maxim character you will make your cellphone quickly recover and go back to war.

This skill is quite suitable for use in the Breacher role who will always be damaged so that players often use Medic Kits or eat mushrooms.

  1. Andrew

The Vest item is the most important item for this Role Breacher player and the Vest must not be damaged or destroyed quickly. Andrew’s skill makes the vest you wear less so that players don’t have to be tired looking for a new vest.

  1. Antonio

Antonio’s skill is perfect for you Role Breacher players. Because his skill is to be able to add additional HP at the beginning of the game. This Additional Blood can allow you to receive damage given by the enemy from the beginning to the end of the game without dying.

Equipment and Weapons for Role Breacher Free Fire With Pro

Role Breacher games usually play at a close distance compared to other roles. Because of that Breacher needed items and weapons that were good enough to do battle at close range. Breacher must have level 3 Helm and Vest to make his defense stronger. You also have to prepare healing items so that when you finish fighting, you can fill your blood.

The recommended weapon for this Role Bracher is the Shotgun.

Shotguns can deal enormous damage when used from a short distance, this weapon is suitable for use by Role Breacher players.

The Toolbox is also an item that is quite important for Breacher to use, because the Toolbox can repair damaged Vests and can also increase vest lvl two to level three. You will also get Defense that is useful in the future.

That’s Becoming a Free Fire Role Breacher With Pro this time, don’t forget to Booyah!


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates