Becoming a Pro Flanker Free Fire from Eric Peweh

In the Battle Royale game, all roles can be used, including Role Flankers. This role is a role that is quite important in the Match Battle Royale game, including the Free Fire game. Role Flank is similar to a ninja in our opinion, because he attacks from the blind spots of the enemy. So, we will give directions to become a Pro Flanker Free Fire from Eric Peweh

Explanation and Meaning of Flank

Explanation about flanker this is given by Eric Peweh one of YouTuber FF, that the role of a flanker is to outwit and create openings to attack opponents from unexpected positions, such as from the side or behind the player.

Why Should You Become a Free Fire Pro Flanker?

Usefulness of a flanker in a team is to make the enemy confused about the direction of attack their opponent is facing. Apart from that a flanker also can, provide information about the whereabouts of the enemy.

When seeing an enemy team that is defending in a building or other shelter, the flanker also has the task of creating an attack gap for his team members.

Role Flank is also quite useful, but has a high risk, but if you are already skilled at doing Flank, then the enemy you will Flank will be damaged in formation and plans because it has been disturbed by those of you who do Flank.

Becoming a Pro Flanker Free Fire from Eric Peweh

If you become a flanker reliable, there are several conditions that you must fulfill. First is scope aim fast, because you are the first to usually attack the enemy.

Has a high sensitivity to surrounding conditions, such as when another enemy team arrives. You must be able to make decisions quickly and take risks if necessary.


Flanks are indeed classified as quite requiring good skills, because flanks must be reliable in seeing the situation as well. If we can’t become Flankers yet, then that will be a burden in your team. But if you are already reliable and have good sensitivity, then you will be very much counted on in your team and you will be one of the keys to victory in your team.

Pro Flanker Free Fire From Eric Peweh

1.Flank Left

To become a flanker reliable you need to master the 3 flank methods that are inside FF that is Left Flank, Right Flank and Rotation Flank.

The left flank is like in the picture above, where you can do half a turn and enter in the middle of the enemy via the left.

2. Right Flank

As for the right flank, you can do the same thing, which is to move half a turn and enter in the middle of the enemy via the right.

The advantage is that the right and left flanks are faster diverting time and the distance with your squad is not far away, so your team can cover when you are attacked by the enemy.

3. Flank rotation

Meanwhile, for flank rotation requires you to circle the enemy and attack them right behind. The advantage is that enemies usually don’t focus on their backs and you just have to finish them off.

But the downside of this rotating flank is that you will be far from the help of your own teammates. And chances are if you fail to do Flank, then you will become an easy target for the enemy

You can watch the video of Eric Peweh here


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates