Best Call Of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks October!

In addition to displaying various kinds of graphics that are different from other Android Shooter games, Call of Duty Mobile also gives you a variety of features that have never been found in other Shooter games such as in PUBG Mobile or Free Fire Battlerground games. There is scorestreaks Best Call of Duty Mobile of October!

In this mobile COD, there is a term for a feature called Killstreaks and Scorestreaks. For those of you who don’t really know what Kill and Scorestreak are, you will get more scores when killing enemies in this multiplayer mode.

These scores can only be collected to a certain extent so that you can also issue Call of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks (or a weapon). For this time, we will provide information about the 5 Best Call of Duty Mobile ScScorestreaks this October. Maybe later it will be one of your references so you can get lots of kills and many victories in this game.

Best Call of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks October!

  1. Predator Missile.

Best Call Of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks

This first best scorestreak is Predator Missile. As the name suggests, you will ask for a missile assistance by providing enemy coordinates.

You can open these scorestreaks if you have reached 700 points. Indeed, this attack does not follow the movement of the enemy that you are targeting, but if you pay close attention and are reliable enough to use it, then it is certain that there will be many enemies who will immediately die using this weapon.

  1. Scorestreaks Call Of Duty Mobile Hunter Killer Drone.

Best Call Of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks

The second one is the Hunter Killer Drone, which is the scorestreaks that you will get when playing COD Mobile. You have to collect a score of 500 or around 5 kills first to use this skill, of course.

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You will move a small drone which will later follow one enemy, take it easy because the accuracy of this weapon is very high.

  1. VTOL.

Best Call Of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks

The third one is one of the best Scorestreaks on Call of Duty Mobile is VTOL. You can only get this weapon if you get 1600 points and don’t die.

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You will summon a VTOL or an aircraft that will shoot enemies from the air. Surely you will get a lot of kills using this weapon.

  1. Water Drop.

Best Call Of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks
Call of Duty®: WWII_20171031115827

You can use one of the best Scorestreaks in this COD Mobile game. However, before you use it, you must collect 550 points first before using this skill.

If you use it, Water Drop will be dropped where you have specified. The contents of this Water Drop are very diverse. You can find various other types of Scorestreaks. If you are lucky, you will find VTOL in this Air Drop, if you are lucky.

  1. Sentry Gun.

Sentry gun is one of the Scorestreaks you can get if your account reaches level 38. You will need 800 Points to use this skill, but this weapon is really quite strong. This automatic weapon will automatically mengeker and shoot the enemy automatically without the need for you to control yourself.

Those are some pretty good Call Of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks. Are there any of your Favorite COD Mobile Scorestreaks here?