Best Carry AoV Late Game Hero 2020

There is the Best Carry AoV Hero Late Game 2020 that you can use. As we know, when playing moba, of course when we talk about “carry” it makes us think that the role / class of the hero is MM. Yes, this is half true if we talk about moba like Mobile Legends as another popular moba. AoV in itself is not only MM who can organize the team.

The term carry is to bring or carry the team to victory. Requires several late game items, the carry is usually active for a very long time before it can give a high impact.

Here we will list some of the strong AOV heroes to be a carry in the late game. Some of the carry we mentioned weren’t even MMs. With the heroes on this list, you can use them as benchmarks or get ready if an enemy picks up these heroes.

Best Carry AoV Late Game Hero 2020


Kil’Groth is a hero who can fill DS lane or jungling, but lately he is more often filling passive DS roles. Kil’Groth itself requires a lot of items to have a high impact, even he needs 6 item slots.

Has high damage, maximum hit ASPD, and a strong life steal. Kil’Groth requires all of his item slots to be filled. His core items such as Fafnir Talon, Hyoga Edge or Frost Cape and Hercules Madness will make him very tanky and deal very high damage.

If this Best Carry AoV Late Game Hero takes a jungling position or uses a talent punish, he needs a full stack Scorching Wind.


Best Solo Hero Rank AoV 2020

Liliana is the Best Carry AoV Hero Late Game, a poking mage who will become a powerhouse in the late game. Liliana’s impact in the early game wasn’t too great. He himself often keeps his distance and only uses his poke until someone is dying then use Fox Form to finish off the enemy. In the late game, Liliana was a very feared hero.

With very high damage skills in the late game, Liliana needs a lot of items to feel strong. Items such as Boomstick, Hecate, Rhea’s Blessings, and several magic piercing items are needed by Liliana. With a full item slot, Liliana will be a very strong hero.


In the early game, if you use Hayate, this hero will definitely feel weak. Very little damage and even clearing the creep lane really depends on his 1st skill. In the late game Hayate is a very feared hero, even with the right timing and full item slot, Hayate can kill all enemy teams with his ulti.

Depending on the crit and ASPD items, Hayate needs a lot of items to be able to carry his entire team. Items such as Fafnir Talon, Frost Cape, Slikk Sting, and Clave Sancti are needed by Hayate to inflict very high damage.

Best Carry AoV Hero Late Game 2020 RIKTOR

Build Riktor AoV Items and Arena Of Valor Tips

Riktor is the Best Carry AoV Hero Late Game 2020 which is very interesting and versatile. Riktor can fill very many roles, namely DS laner, jungler assassin, even obs or laner support. In addition to the many roles, Riktor also has many build items and some of his build items are carry full slots.

Both his assassin and bruiser builds require a lot of items. Between the combination of Rankbreaker, Omni Arms, and Fenrir Tooth as an assassin or Mantle of Ra, Frost Cape, and Hercules Madness as a bruiser. Both of these builds require a lot of items so that Riktor is strong in the late game.

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Those are some reliable Late Game Carry AoV Heroes in 2020. Some of these heroes are not even popular MMs in the game. With this carry hero you can bring your own team because of the huge late game potential.