Best Free Fire AK Recoil Technique, High AR Damage!

In using weapons in Free Fire, you must be able to know the weapons you are using. Each of these weapons has different characteristics. If you use it carelessly, it will be less effective later. One of the things that you must understand is Recoil. Each weapon has a different recoil. If you can control this recoil, it will be easy to shoot enemies later. Here we will provide tips on using AK weapons in Free Fire.

The recoil itself is a jerk on the shot, which makes the shot difficult to use. Therefore, when you use an assault weapon, usually the recoil is more pronounced. Your aim will slowly rise to the top if you keep pressing the shoot button. This recoil can interfere with you in shooting enemies, and make it difficult for you to shoot later.

AK weapons also have recoil on the weapon. In fact, AK weapons have very heavy recoil to use. This weapon has high damage, but due to its accuracy and heavy recoil, it makes it an unstable weapon. If you can control both of these things, this weapon becomes very ferocious.

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Here we will provide tips regarding the Best AK Free Fire Recoil Techniques. This weapon that has high damage will become very fierce if you can control the shot well. Of course, you must have a good aim, and use existing attachments to make this weapon more effective.


To shoot the enemy correctly, you can adjust the sensitivity of your settings. Use a setting that you think is suitable for using AK weapons, so that you can shoot more precisely.


AK Free Fire Recoil Technique

To be able to control the recoil properly, you can use this one method. Because AK is an assault weapon with a high firing rate, you can shoot slowly. That way, you can reduce the pounding of the existing shots.


AK Free Fire Recoil Technique
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Using attachments on weapons can also help you shoot enemies. Use attachments that can increase your accuracy, so you can shoot more precisely. You can use a foregrip, so that the bullet spread is not too high. That way, you can shoot more precisely. However, if you intend to shoot the enemy from a distance, you can use a scope to shoot the enemy from afar.


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Recoil on the sanjata makes you shoot slowly upwards. By using a good position, you can control the recoil easily too. You can use it on high ground to shoot enemies more precisely in the head of the enemy, and when it is low you can continue to shoot enemies without fear of being disturbed by weapon recoil.


This is the most effective at shooting enemies. Free Fire has aim assist that helps you shoot enemies. You can take advantage of this aim assist to shoot the enemy correctly. Of course, you also have to control the recoil properly too.

Those are the tips regarding the Best AK Free Fire Recoil Technique. Because AK is a weapon that has a high recoil, by hitting it this weapon becomes very ferocious. What makes this weapon strong is its high damage. Because it has high accuracy and recoil that makes this weapon difficult to use.

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