Best Jungle Items: Raptor Machete Mobile Legends (ML)

Raptor Machete is a jungle item in Mobile Legends which is an upgraded version of an item called Nimble Blade. The raptor machete is still very popular and is widely used by hero cores in Mobile Legends. On this occasion we will provide an explanation regarding the review of the Jungle Raptor Machete item.

This Item Vide aditional effects which are very helpful in gameplay. It also will get even stronger because there are additional stats that are useful for killing your enemies easily.

Review of Jungle Raptor Machete Items

When a dealer damage type hero uses the Raptor Machete item, it will make him even stronger because there are additional stat points that make the damage from his attack skills even greater. You can buy this Mobile Legends jungle item using 1650 gold in gameplay.

Raptor Machete Mobile Legends item stats

  • +30 Physical Attack
  • + 15% Physical Penetration

By using the Raptor Machete item you will get additional stat points in the form of +30 Physical Attack and + 15% Physical Penetration.

Passive skills from the Raptor Machete item

Apart from giving you additional stat points, this jungle item called Raptor Machete will also provide additional effects from its passive skill. The passive skill of Raptor Machete itself is to give 50% additional damage to monsters and every 10 seconds the following basic attack will give 50-200 additional physical damage and cause a slow effect on the target by 30% for 1 second.

Doing a basic attack will speed up the cooldown of this item’s passive skill. In addition, you will get an additional 25% Gold and Exp when killing jungle monsters and battle spell retribution can be used on your opponent to give a slow effect of 70%.

That is an explanation of the review of the Jungle Raptor Machete ML item that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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