Best Role of ONIC CW MPL ID Season 6 Week 8

Facing Geek Fam with a temporary score of 1-1, Onic eSports managed to win. With a final score of 2-1, games The 3 between GEEK VS ONIC Mobile legends lasted quite a bit.

How could I not, since the beginning of the match ONIC immediately dominated the game. Starting from the objective turret and turtle, as well as ONIC CW which played brilliantly.

Had experienced difficulties in strengthening starting line up from Onic eSports, now ONIC CW seems to have found the best position for itself. Let’s look at the discussion below regarding role best ONIC CW in MPL ID Season 6 Week 8!

Map Control

Map control done by ONIC made GEEK under the domination of Onic eSports. GEEK BABYW which is core it even worked tar-pick off as much as 4 times in the phase early game.

Of course, this is a big loss for GEEK. Evidently, GEEK had to accept defeat after ONIC successfully ended the match games 3 in minute 12. From the movement indicated by ONIC, starting line up ONIC seemed to be getting ready to welcome the round playoffs to come.

In addition, ONIC CW, who had experienced difficulties and initially served as offlaner. Judged to be less than the maximum, ONIC CW shifted to support mage in area mid lane.


Make no mistake, from all three games which takes place between ONIC VS GEEK, ONIC CW has a very important role. From the moment he used Chang’e and Pharsa, it was actually quite a show that stole the show.

Chang’e ONIC CW becomes damage dealer which is quite a turn off when the ONIC gains momentum to reverse the on games 2. Plus the GEEK position is not using mage.

Not only that, ONIC CW has also succeeded in doing so gank and roam the 3rd lane When games 3 takes place. The reason is, when he was still carrying out his duties as offlaner, ONIC CW shows poor performance.

In addition, the ONIC condition was going down at that time, exacerbating the problems experienced by ONIC CW.

Title: Legendary

Game 3 alone lasted only 12 minutes. Where ONIC wants to immediately end the match and avoid small mistakes that can be taken advantage of by GEEK.

By using Pharsa, ONIC CW is so tough and can’t be tarred-pick off at all. Even when games 3 is over, ONIC CW has a KDA record of 8-0-10. It was an extraordinary record and automatically earned him the MvP title.

Of course, the readiness of the ONIC CW will further make the rounds playoffs the upcoming time is very exciting. That’s what he’s talking about role ONIC CW’s best in MPL ID Season 6 Week 8. Keep looking forward to every match and don’t forget to support your favorite team!