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There are many features offered in Free Fire, and it keeps updating from time to time. Some of the features in the game that you need to find out before you play is the type of zones that appears in the game, so you can understand what each of the zones means so that you can make the right move. And don’t forget to look up the weapons available in Free Fire, to find out what kind of weapon that suits your gameplay. Garena will always update the game in Free Fire. It will present players with new features and events. And these events will give you interesting prizes that players can claim. Here we have some best weapons in kill secured mode that you can try later.

Best Weapons in Kill Secured Mode

There are plenty of game modes in Free Fire that you can try. Modes like clash squad and deathmatch can be really fun to play with your friends. The kill secured mode is nearly similar to the clash squad and deathmatch mode in Free Fire. The only differences is that kill secured mode requires you to gather 80 tags to win the game.


The first best weapon that you can use is the SKS. This weapon is considered as a sniper assault rifle, due to the semi auto firing mode, and the range capability that is far enough to be used as a sniper. But you need to know that this weapon is easy to counter due to the low rate of fire.


The next weapon is a weapon that is suitable to rush an enemy, which is the M1014. The M1014 has a really huge damage in close range. So the M1014 is also one of the best weapon to use in kill secured mode.


Next is scar, which is well known as the second groza in Free Fire. So if you’re using the scar, it will feel like you’re using a groza. Even though both of those weapons is different, the scar is the best weapon to use in kill secured mode.


The last best weapon to use in kill secured mode is the thompson. This weapon is also one of the deadliest SMG in Free Fire. Thompson has a really powerful rate of fire.

And that’s some of the best weapon that you can use in kill secured mode in Free Fire. Good luck and don’t forget to follow my esports!