Beyond ACE Royale Pass Season 15 PUBG Mobile is Officially Released!

Currently PUBG Mobile has entered the New Era in the last 1.0 update. Various updates are coming in the new era of this favorite battle royale game. At the same time, this game enters Season 15. This time we will provide information about Beyond ACE Royale Pass Season 15 which has been officially released on PUBG Mobile today, September 15, 2020.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game with millions of active players spread all over the world. The journey of this game was responded to by various responses from the players. Not only support but also criticism and suggestions are always given by players to the PUBG Mobile game every time there is an update and more.

It doesn’t feel like PUBG Mobile has passed 14 seasons and currently the game is in a transition period from Season 14 to Season 15. This season’s Royale Pass takes the theme Beyond ACE and here is the information about its official release.

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Beyond ACE, PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass

Previously, PUBG Mobile had gone through a major overhaul in the New Era of PUBG Mobile in the last 1.0 update. Various updates and improvements have been made in this new era of the favorite battle royale game. One of them is the arrival of New Erangel, which has been waiting for the past year.

In addition, new technologies ranging from improving the quality of graphics to improving the security quality of PUBG Mobile were also implemented in the last New Era of PUBG Mobile. The event to enliven the New Era will also take place for a month in September by offering a variety of attractive prizes typical of the New Era.

At the same time, Season 14 ends and PUBG Mobile enters Season 15 today! With the theme Beyond ACE, which has been widely discussed before, this season PUBG Mobile will be full of knight-style themes complete with armor but still bringing an elegant appearance. With a stylish knight-style outfit set, it will make the atmosphere of war on the PUBG Mobile match look cool.

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Log in to PUBG Mobile today. Join various missions and get various attractive prizes Royale Pass Season 15 Beyond ACE PUBG Mobile. Thank you!