Big Sale ML Event to Get Cheap Mobile Legends Skin!

Mobile legends players should be happy because this opportunity is a rare opportunity. The Big Sale Mobile legends event has been opened, please check the Big Sale icon above. Some of these prizes come when you have claimed the diamond vault version first. There are also many gifts here with the status of Coming Soon. However, for those of you who already got the fortune ticket the other day, can it be used on the 11th? So, we prove it in the big sale mobile legends event this time and get cheap mobile legends skin !.

This event will be held on November 8, 2019. This means that you can visit items in mobile legends to purchase items now. This Big sale mobile legends event will sell many of the newest and very cheap items, of course. Unfortunately, until now we have not been able to confirm the presence of tickets for existing skin pieces.

Latest Mobile Legends Event

In our opinion, skin cuts at the big sale mobile legends event will be available on November 11 to coincide with the 11/11 big sale which is booming on the Internet. Maybe in our opinion there will be a discount for epic mobile legends skins or ticket fortune which will give you up to 90% discount on mobile legends.

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Here are important dates for the latest ML big sale event in November this time

Important Date for Big Sale ML Event

  1. 09 November 2019 Moment Pre-Order
  2. 11 November 2019 Claim a Free prize (there is a hero trial and there is also a skin trial)
  3. 11 November 2019 Diamond Vault (check Inventory, of course you have a Diamond ticket vault)

There are several things that are still coming soon at this big sale Mobile legends event

Coming Soon Double BP
Coming Soon Starlight 40% discount
Coming Soon Skin Encore

Well, that’s all we can inform you about the event from mobile legends this time. Hopefully, on the peak day, November 11th, there will be a discount for Epic skins up to 50%. So we just look forward to tomorrow how the continuation of this latest mobile legends event.

Oh yes, don’t forget to keep playing your Mobile legends, who knows that later you will get attractive prizes waiting for you at the Big Sale ML Event to get Cheap Mobile Legends Skins !!