Bigetron Won Top 5 Fraggers in PMGC Super Weekend W1D2

Currently PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Season Zero 2020 has entered the Super Weekend round of the first week. Yesterday the match on the second day of the first week of Super Weekend was held where Bigetron won the Top 5 Fraggers again and here is the info.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) is the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament which was first held in 2020. In this tournament, 24 of the best PUBG Mobile teams in the world will fight for the seat of the best PUBG Mobile team in the world.

Two of them are a team from Indonesia. First, Bigetron Red Aliens which previously won the PMWL East and PMPL SEA. Second, Aerowolf LIMAX, which is one of the best PMPL SEA teams. These two teams competed in the Super Weekend round, having made it to the top 16 in the League round.

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Bigetron Master Top 5 Fraggers PMGC Super Weekend W1D2

The match on the second day of the first week of the Super Weekend was held last night, Saturday 28 November. The 16 best teams this week are fighting for as many points as possible to prepare them for the final round.

On the second day of the last League round, Bigetron RA showed their crazy game by getting big points and the players entered into the Top 5 Fraggers. This was repeated on the second day of the first week of the Super Weekend round.

The second day was the day for the red alien team where 3 BTR players re-entered the Top 5 Fraggers. They are BTR Zuxxy in the top rank of Top Fraggers with 16 kills, BTR Luxxy in second place with 10 kills, and BTR Ryzen in third place with 9 kills.

The slick game collaboration of the four Bigetron players brought the red alien team up to second place in the PMGC Super Weekend W1D2 standings with a total of 114 points. Bigetron gets 2x chicken dinner in the last two games of this second day. The total kills they currently get in the Super Weekend round are 52 kills.

BTR Zuxxy Becomes MVP and Entered Top 10 Terminator First Week

Bigetron rules Top 5 Fraggers

BTR Zuxxy became the star of the second day of the first week of this Super Weekend round. He got the most kills the second day, which was 16 kills. BTR Zuxxy also managed to get 2,756 damage. With this big gain, BTR Zuxxy became the MVP at PMGC Super Weekend W1D2.

In addition, with this big gain, the BTR Zuxxy name entered the Top 10 Terminators this first week of PMGC. He is in first position with a total of 21 kills and assists 14. In second place is 4AM 33SVAN with 19 kills who have played well since the start of the tournament. Likewise, in third place there is $ AM Hasaki with 199 kills too.

In fourth place is the BTR Luxxy with 17 kills. In fifth position afa Nova XQF Paraboy with 16 kills. These are the 5 best PUBG Mobile players in the world right now, at least in the first week of PMGC.

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Another achievement was obtained by Bigetron RA who showed their world class game at PMGC Season Zero 2020. Bigetron conquered the Top 5 Fraggers on the second day and hopefully on the next matchday they can still play optimally. Thank you!