Black Winter FF Free Free Fire Bundle Event

Free Fire will never provide various kinds of events for its players. The events that are presented by Garena Free Fire always present various kinds of attractive prizes. In addition, it makes the players feel more at home and never get bored. At this time, there is a Free Fire Bundle Free Black Winter FF Event!

In other parts of the world or outside Indonesia, Free Fire has entered the Winter season. At the Black Winter FF Free Bundle Free Fire Event this time too, Free Fire will provide various attractive prizes for its players.

Black Winter FF Free Free Fire Bundle Event

Because this is entering into the Snow season or Winter season and heading to the end of the year holidays too. Free Fire this time will provide lots of Updates and Event Black Winter FF Free Free Fire Bundle even more along with other attractive prizes.

Intrigued by what prizes will be present at the Black Winter Free Fire Event this time? Immediately, we see the explanation below.

  1. Black Winter Free Fire 2019 event

The Black Winter Free Fire event has started at the end of November and the beginning of December is still running. The latest information from the Black Winter Free Fire Event this time is that we only need to log in and get a free permanent weapon skin.

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Garena Free Fire is not half-hearted by giving a Grand Prize from this event which is also a Mr Death Skin Bundle. Cool skin bundles and if they are free, make a lot of players in Free Fire. This Black Winter FF Skin Event will have a skull depicted on its face with several bullets covering its body.

As we can see, we have to log in on December 1 yesterday at the Black Winter Free Fire Event. The prizes are also pretty good from 3 types of skin trials and the Mr. Death Bundle if you play for 12 hours during the Black Winter Free Fire Event period.

Free fire players must play the free fire game as soon as possible at the Black Winter Free Fire Event. So that you can try cool and creepy skins at this Black Winter Free Fire Event

  1. Black Sunday Challenge Free Fire Black Winter

One of the newest events in this December is Black Sunday, which in a certain time we log in. Those of you who want to get attractive prizes, log in immediately at the specified hours

After you log in, playing will get a prize such as Skin Pet, Emote, Parachute Skin and Skateboard Skin. In order to get these prizes. You have to kill 5 in rank, kill 10 in classic mode, use 10 different weapons, damage 2000, top5 3 times and so on.

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Interestingly, at the Black Winter Free Fire Event, you will be given a different mission at a predetermined hour. Besides that, you will also be given attractive prizes every day.

Like the picture above, it explains that the Black Winter Free Fire Event will last for a full day. You will have different attractive prizes at each hour determined by Garena Free Fire.

Those are some Garena free fire events that will be presented in winter. The Black Winter FF event itself is held in the holiday month to celebrate the New Year and Christmas events.


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates