Box Loot Crate FF Get 10 Thousand Free Fire Diamonds

So now we can get a leak for the sale of the New Free Fire Loot Crate Diamond, which will bring lots of attractive prizes and it will be one part of the event that will bring quite a lot of benefits for us to experience. Especially there are some other new things, so you can try them when playing the Free Fire game.

Because there are still many unique things, therefore the leaks that are present now will definitely bring many advantages for the players as well. Especially if you already know the Emote Discount Leaks from Free Fire, which was initially expensive, it becomes very cheap for you to have by buying it with Diamond later.

This event will definitely bring an interesting impression, especially from this leaked event too. Listen to the explanation right now, in the article below.

Leaked Sales of Loot Crate 10 Thousand New Free Fire Diamonds

So for the new update, now we will know one of the items in the game’s Crate Shop. Where you will have one of the opportunities, to get a Loot Crate with a large enough prize. The name of this is Diamond, this will only be present on a few servers and maybe in Indonesia it will.

All the event information that is present in the Free Fire game at this time, will be one of the best things for you to try to feel. That’s why we shouldn’t miss it, if the Weapon Loot Crate Free Fire that is present is quite similar to the Diamond Loot Crate. Maybe you can get a variety of attractive prizes, if you take part in an event like that.

Can Get 10 Thousand New FF Diamonds!

You could say that the sale of the latest Loot Crate Diamond will bring one of the main prizes in the form of a total of up to 10 thousand Dimaonds and one rare bundle with the Dino theme. All the prizes from here are the best too, especially you will get the Jai Character prize, as well as his bundle if you are lucky to buy and get it.

Well besides that it also turns out to be able to try your luck here, the price of the Loot Crate is also very cheap. You only need to spend up to 25 Diamonds, so you can buy them while playing or when opening the Crate section in the shop. With a cool gift like this one, it will bring huge benefits to all of us.

Therefore, of course, you can also ask Garena, so that the Loot Crate can indeed be present in this game later. Because it will bring many big benefits, if for example you are successful and you are lucky, you will get a prize of 10 thousand diamonds too. With all this new information, you have to know what is going to be on our server first.

Because of the many leaks, it may or may not appear in this Free Fire game. But usually if Loot Crate with a total diamond prize, it will usually appear and you can get it on the Indonesian server right now.

You can read the Free Fire Heroes’ Day Event, where from here there are lots of interesting and profitable things that you can have the prizes for. All new things have indeed been present at the event too, so you shouldn’t miss this opportunity so you can look cooler with the prize given.

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