BTR Luxxy Calls This Weapon the Most OP in PUBG Mobile

BTR Luxxy is one of the players who managed to get 16 kills at the opening of PMWL 2020. This Pro Player with the nickname Luxxy some time ago has expressed his opinion about one type of weapon in PUBG Mobile which is considered by him as one of PUBG Mobile’s OP Weapons.

What weapon is the BTR Luxxy referring to? Before knowing that, you better know a little about the BTR Luxxy.

The player who is currently on the Bigetron Esports team has the real name Bagus Prabaswara who has succeeded in showing his maximum potential and succeeded in bringing the name of Indonesia as well as the Bigetron team itself known by the world for winning the World level PUBG Mobile competition.

Currently Luxxy is defending BTR in the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 competition where at the opening round in 8 matches he managed to get 16 kills.

The PMWL 2020 tournament has been going on since some time ago and currently the Bigetron Esports team is still in the first place in the standings with quite high points.

But in between, there was a moment where the caster conducted an interview session with the players and one of the selected players was BTR Luxxy. Caster asks questions about the most OP weapons in PUBG Mobile.


When asked by the Caster, “What weapons do you need to nerf in the PUBG Mobile game?”. Luxxy answered that the OP Weapon PUBG Mobile firmly said “Groza weapon because the damage is too OP” Luxxy’s statement makes sense because indeed the damage generated from this weapon which is Groza in PUBG Mobile is very high when compared to other types of weapons in PUBG Mobile. .


If used one on one with people when using the OP Weapon PUBG Mobile Groza, it is certain to win in terms of damage, but when you get luck you can beat players who use Groza weapons.

The big damage from the OP PUBG Mobile weapon, of course, has consequences that you have to fight because in terms of its own recoil, this weapon is quite large so it is difficult to AIM to the enemy. To get Groza weapons you have to find Supply and use brown bullets.

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