BTR Ryzen Pensi, is it true?

PUBG Mobile this time there will be exciting things. Starting from global competitions to of course the PEC or Peacekeeper Elite Championship which invites the best teams around the world to show each other’s skills. He said that BTR Ryzen retired after PEC, is this really true? Indeed, winning at PEC can be the highest proof of your skills playing PUBG Mobile.

PEC or Peacekeer Elite Championship will compete for almost all of the best PUBG Mobile teams in the world. Will compete with each other and prove to be the best. Unfortunately BTR did not participate in PEC 2020 because of stamina and other problems, but Ryzen is confident in 2021, BTR will lift the trophy.

According to Ryzen, PEC is the highest competition he has dreamed of for a long time. According to him, lifting the trophy at PEC was the best thing and had to go to the death. Therefore, in PEC 2021, BTR must be extra strong to train themselves to try out the next PEC.

Here, let’s talk about the BTR Ryzen pensi after lifting the PEC trophy. But so the question arises. If BTR doesn’t win-win will Ryzen not retire and continue playing. Yes, it all comes back to him because PEC is the main target of Ryzen himself.

BTR Ryzen Pensi, Targeting PEC

Taken from Ryzen’s stream footage, they discussed PEC 2020. They think that the Chinese team has the advantage of updating Peacekeeper Elite, their version of PUBG Mobile. PE is considered to have the advantage of updating PUBG Mobile with its many features.

For example better Gyro until FPS can touch FPS 90, all owned by PE. Therefore many think that PUBG Mobile China or PE has the advantage of its players who are already used to having many features. Moreover, no aim assist which greatly hones skills.

But Ryzen is confident against many global teams. According to him, he could still win against them. Moreover, it is true that BTR is dominating the scene but unfortunately it has to refuse an invite from PEC this year.

Ryzen, who said that the last drop of blood to lift PEC next year might be a threat to other teams. Ryzen’s high confidence proves that BTR will not be playing around next year and other teams must be aware of this.

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