Build Item Fanny in Mobile Legends (ML), Can’t Be Silent!

Fanny is one of the most powerful Assassin heroes in the Mobile Legends game, this hero also has enormous damage if used properly. Maybe some players think this hero is quite easy, but actually Fanny is the hardest assassin in Mobile Legends. This time there is the Best Fanny ML Item Build 2020 Mobile Legends

The level of difficulty is almost full and is specifically for players who want to learn a long time first. It’s not even surprising that many players spend time in training to launch Fanny’s deadly Combo.

It is only natural, if a hero who is ill, of course also provides another challenge. Even though this hero has great damage, what’s the power if Fanny uses an unsuitable build.

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Build Item is something that every player must have while in the match. This Build Item can make your hero even stronger, just like Fanny.

Fanny is a pretty strong assassin thanks to her very high mobility. He is very difficult to catch and often irritates opponents. You can’t underestimate his damage either, he is an assassin himself.

On this occasion we will provide some suitable Fanny Builds in 2020 now. You can use this build item to win and kill your opponents quickly.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Best Build Fanny ML Items 2020 Mobile Legends

  1. Bloodust Ax

This first Best Fanny ML Item Build is indeed Fanny’s most important item, because Fanny deals damage through skills. Bloodust Ax will add a fairly large Spell Vamp, besides that you can also get Life Steal by using Skills.

Not only that, these items will add a variety of other additions. Bloodust Ax will add Physical Damage and Cooldown Reduction, with this item Fanny can be even fiercer.

  1. Warrior Boots

Even though Fanny has agile abilities, this Movement Speed ‚Äč‚Äčitem does not escape. This is because Fanny can’t always use her cable skill, so she has to walk.

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Shoes that are suitable for Fanny are Warrior Boots. In addition to increasing Movement Speed, you will also receive additional Physical Defense which is sufficient to reduce damage from enemies. Fanny is also an Assassin who is easy to kill, if you don’t have Energy.

  1. Blade of Despair

What’s the point of an Assassin without damage, the next item suitable for use is Blade of Despair. This item will add a large amount of Physical Damage, which is 170 Physical Damage.

In addition, this Best Fanny Mobile Legends Item Build has a quite profitable Passive. If the enemy already has HP below 50%, then the next damage will be 25% more.

  1. The Best Build Item Fanny ML Rose Gold Meteor

Rose Gold Meteor can increase Physical Attack by a large enough amount, besides that these items can also provide other additions. Rose Gold Meteor will add Magic Resist and Life Steal.

Not only that, if your Blood is dying you will get a shield which is quite a lot. This Best Build Fanny ML Item where your shield will absorb up to 1150 Damage, this will be able to make Fanny more durable later.

  1. Antique Cuirass

What’s the point of Fanny without the Build Item Fanny ML that strengthens itself. This item can add Fanny’s Physical Defense, Max HP and HP Regen. This item also has a pretty good Passive, which can reduce the damage dealt by 18% by the enemy.

  1. Best Build Item for Fanny in Mobile Legends with Immortal

The last Best Fanny ML Item Build is suitable for Fanny, Immortal is able to add Max HP and Magic Resis. Not only that, you can also get back up and get a second chance.

If Fanny already has the build above and uses this item, it can turn things upside down. Instead of the enemy wanting to push because you were killed, it turns out that you were able to come back again and provide a counterattack.

So, those are some of the Best Fanny ML Build Items that are suitable for Fanny in 2020. How? Want to try this build and learn Fanny’s mobile legends hero ?. By following the builds above, you can guess what items you should buy next when playing with fanny. So, you will have no trouble doing it. That’s all, Thank you.