Build Items ML Moskov Hurt Season 16 Mobile Legends, 100% Critical!

Moskov is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who is included in the Marksman role. By using the Build Item Moskov mobile legends 2020 you can rely on optimal attack speed and critical damage.

Moskov is one of the troublesome marksman and will be very painful when he is in the mid game to the late game. To further optimize it, you can try to build the following moscov mobile legends items.

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Build Items Painful Moskov Mobile Legends

This time we will provide a review of the sick Moskov build item in meta season 16 Mobile Legends. For those of you who are looking for a painful Moskov build item, we have a recommendation!

Swift Boots

Build Item Moskov

Swift boots are the first items that this Moskov hero must build. Because it relies on attack speed, this item is perfect for Moskov. In addition to providing a movement speed of +40 this item also provides an attack speed of 15%.

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Raptor Machete

Build Item Moskov

Moskov is a marksman who is very fast for jungling. Therefore Moskov would be very suitable to use this raptor machete item. After 15 stacks are collected, Moskov will get an additional true damage effect and besides that, it will also get + 15% physical penetration and +30 physical attack.

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Scarlet Phantom

Build Item Moskov

This one item is very mandatory for Moskov because it provides an additional physical attack of +30, provides an additional + 20% attack speed, and + 25% crit chance. This passive skill item is also very useful for Moskov because every crit damage generated will be converted into attack speed.

Berseker’s Fury

Berseker’s Furry will provide additional crit damage effect for the Moskov hero. This item is very good when combined with the Scarlet Phantom. Apart from that, from this item Moskov will also get an additional +65 physical attack and + 25% crit chance.

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Endless Battle

Endless Battle is a very useful item for Moskov to increase the true damage effect. After previously getting the additional effect of true damage from the raptor machete, if combined with an endless battle, the resulting true damage effect will be even better.

Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature is the last item for Moskov as an item that serves to anticipate burst damage to Moskov. With this item Moskov will be immune to all physical damage that lasts for two seconds. Of course with passive skills like that it will make it easier for Moskov to survive during the late game.

Battle Spell Moskov Mobile Legends

Not only build items, you can also use the following Battle Spell so that Moskov is getting sick and terrible, the third is used in Mobile Legends.


Flicker is still a mainstay for most Moskov Mobile Legends users. This Battle Spell is the best and can help Moskov when teamfight in Mobile Legends.


Apart from Flicker, Moskov can also use Aegis as a protector when ranked or teamfight, with this spell, you can be more flexible when fighting.


If you want to quickly level up and farm, you can also use item retribution which can help you to be faster in level.

Emblem Set Moskov Mobile Legends

You can use several emblem sets to maximize Moskov in Mobile Legends. So here are some emblem sets that you can use.

Custom Assassin Emblem

As a dps hero, of course the Assassin emblem will be suitable for type heroes like Moskov, you can choose the Bounty Hunter talent to add gold quickly by killing as many enemies as possible.

Custom Marksman Emblem

In addition, you can also use the Custom Marksman Emblem to increase Damage and Attack Speed ​​Moskov. Choose the best talent you can use and Moskov will be even more terrible when used.

How to Play and Gameplay Moskov Mobile Legends

After all the preparations have been completed, next we discuss how to best use and play Moskov in Mobile Legends starting from the early game, mid game to late.

In the early game, you can choose a bot lane as your first goal, after that, get a buff first, be it solo or both. Oh yeah, you can unlock skill 2 first so you can get the buff alone.

Then, clear the lane and try to get gold from the Klomang, you can rotate up to the mid lane to clear a wave when the midlaner goes to another lane.

In the mid mage, surely the moskov will be even more so if you don’t feed a lot, here, you can gank and follow the tank rotation to attack the enemy. Get as many kills as possible so that the Moskovs will go crazy.

Moskov is very suitable for teamfight, his passive skill ability that is able to penetrate enemy defenses is very reliable when teamfight. Therefore, focus on builds on attack speed, critical and lifesteal so that Moskov can last a long time when fighting.

In the late game, of course Moskov will be very dangerous, as a marksman who is a carry in the late game, you can play more aggressively but never play solo. Try to always be covered by tanks and support and always follow teamfight whenever it will make it easy for you to win the match.

Now that’s an explanation of the Moskov build being hurt in the current meta season. Please understand and try to apply it in the game. Feel the sensation using the build item that we have reviewed above. Have a nice play!