Build Items Thamuz in Mobile Legends and the Strongest ML Emblem!

Now to optimize it, following Build Thamuz items Mobile Legends (ML) and the best emblems.

One of the heroes who was the king of the Fire Demon from Abyss was named Thamus. Thamuz is strongest fighter yon mobile legends at the moment.

It is said that deep in the mountains, darkness overcomes everything and the only light that illuminates that darkness is the red light that flows through the bottomless gaps. Since the Abyss ruled on the mainland, there are many demons who have become slaves and loyal followers of Abyss.

On this occasion we will discuss the Strongest Build Item and ML Emblem Thamuz Mobile Legends that you can apply to make Thamuz stronger as an offliner or initiator in Mobile Legends.

This time, the best line of items for the Thamuz hero in Mobile Legends, use the following items and win your best chance when teamfight in Mobile Legends, this build item is also able to overwhelm enemy heroes, let’s check the line now.

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Thamuz Mobile Legends

Thamuz is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends who is known to have a very high lifesteal. With his abilities, this Thamuz hero is very difficult to beat.

Another advantage is that Thamus can spam skills throughout the game without having to worry about running out of mana because Thamuz does not use mana or energy systems.

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Thamuz’s Best Emblem

For the emblem itself, we recommend using the custom Fighter emblem. The first tier is 1x Bravery for physical attack and 2x Firmness for physical defense.
The second tier is 3x persistence for HP. Then use the Festival of Blood for additional vamp spells.

Battle Spell Thamuz

For the use of battle spells alone, you can use flicker or sprint. Both of these spells are very useful for escaping or chasing enemies.

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The Strongest Build Item ML Thamuz Mobile Legends (ML)

So here are some of the best build items for Thamuz in Mobile Legends (ML):

Bloodlust Ax

The first Thamuz Mobile Legends item build that is highly recommended for Thamuz to use is the Bloodlust Ax item. The usefulness and effects provided by this Bloodlust Ax item are indeed very suitable for use on fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. And Thamuz is one of them.

Thamuz is a fighter who relies heavily on the use of skills compared to basic attacks, especially for the use of skills 1 and 2. With the combination of these skills, Thamuz can be super aggressive and very strong. Therefore, Thamus really needed this Bloodlust Ax item.

Warior Boots

Different from other heroes, this Thamuz hero doesn’t need to buy Warrior Boots items. The problem is that by only using skills 1 and 2, the speed is very agile.
But if you feel it is lacking, you also don’t hurt to buy this Warrior Boots item. In addition to providing high movement speed, this item will also provide additional physical defense.

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Build Thamuz Mobile legends Endless Battle

The Lifesteal effect provided by the Thamuz Mobile Legends Item Build will be very useful for Thamuz until the end of the match. One of the most interesting things about this Endless Battle item is its passivity, which can give true damage to the opponent it faces. This of course will be more effective for Thamuz, because Thamuz is a hero who always spam skills.

Blade Armor

With the addition of very high Physical Defense, this Thamuz Mobile Legends Item Build will make Thamuz difficult to beat and kill.

This item is also passive which can reflect damage received by the user.
Each Physical Damage attack given by the opposing party will be reflected back by 25% as Physical Damage.

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Build Thamuz Mobile legends Wings Queen

This Thamuz Mobile Legends (ML) Item Build will make Thamuz stronger and fiercer. The problem is that this wing item will provide damage reduction when Thamuz’s blood is less than 40%.

Therefore, when Thamus is dying, he will become even stronger.
Not only that, the lifesteal will also increase by up to 50%.

Athena’s Shield

This Thamuz Mobile Legends Item Build is perfect for you to use when dealing with magic hero types. Because this item provides a very high magic defense.

And what is more important than this item is the shield given by the passive which will activate every 30 seconds and will get thicker as the match goes on.

That’s the recommendation for the Build Item Thamuz Mobile Legends (ML) that we present to you. Hopefully this build item description, emblem and battle spell for the Thamuz hero will be useful and useful for you. Follow my esports Instagram as well.