Call of Duty Mobile’s Pro Mechanic Way, The Versatile Way For Your COD Squad

Of all the classes available in CoD Mobile, you can say that Mechanic is the most versatile class and can fill all existing roles. Starting from the fragger, support, even the frontline he can fill everything. This time we will thoroughly examine the Pro Mechanic Way of Call of Duty Mobile, The Versatile One for Your COD Squad.

The advantage of Mechanic is from his active and passive skills. Mechanic’s active skill is EMP Drone, EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse which is fired by Mechanic’s drone which can interfere with enemy technology. It sounds normal at first but this effect is very important, EMP can interfere with enemy skills such as skills from Sensor Dart or Transform Shield. In addition, the drone can provide the target location to the user team.

Unfortunately the Mechanic’s drone is very easy to count, being hit by a slight explosion or shooting will be destroyed. Mechanic users must be smart in using their drones, because with proper use Mechanic can easily destroy enemy games.

Call Of Duty Mobile’s Passive Mechanic Skill!

Besides EMP Drone’s active skills, Mechanic also has passive skills which are quite useful for teams. Mechanic can see all vehicles, traps, and equipment at a distance of 80 meters from him, this is useful for your team when looking for vehicles, loot, or be careful looking for enemy traps. With this strong observation, the Mechanic can also be a source of information when the enemy using the vehicle is approaching.

Call of Duty Mobile’s Pro Mechanic Way

Playing Mechanic is a bit difficult if you are not used to it because Mechanic really needs teamwork to stay optimal and effective, Mechanic also requires game and map knowledge to play it.

In general, Mechanic is often played as a flex role. Flex role is the most flexible role, can fill role fragger or support if needed. But most of him is more often played as support.

As a support, he will be more often in the middle of the team so that it is easy to help the front and back lines if needed. Himself who has an EMP Drone is also very helpful for fragger teams like Ninja or Scout when playing aggressively. In addition, he can also fill semi-support when a support team like Medic starts to get cornered. He can provide information when an enemy vehicle is approaching or is looking for a vehicle to escape.

If played aggressively, Mechanic is very suitable to be played with Scouts. These two classes are very compatible with each other. Providing information about enemy locations, Mechanic can also help Scout with his EMP Drone.


As a flexible class, he doesn’t have the best weapon. But the advantage of being the most flexible of these classes, users can use any weapon they like. Personally, if I use Mechanic, I prefer to play using AR and Shotgun combos because when removing a drone to provide location and disturbing enemies, Mechanic can rush with Shotgun and get easy kills.

Those are some tips and guides for using this versatile Mechanic. The thing that many Mechanic users like the most is that they are rarely blamed by other team members because the job of a Mechanic is just to fill the empty “bench”.