Can Hero Revamp Project Enter Meta Mobile Legends (ML)?

We already know that Moonton has just presented the latest update that provides several revamped heroes in Mobile Legends. So, among the six heroes who got the revamp, can you enter the current meta?

Revamp is one of the updates that provides an update to the hero, which can later change both the skills and appearance of a hero in Mobile Legends. So on September 23, 2020, there were 7 heroes who got revamped? Then can this hero enter the meta in the upcoming Season 18?

On this occasion, the answer for those of you who are curious about whether the Revamp hero released yesterday can be included in the meta list in the upcoming Season 18? Now for those of you who are curious, here is the full review.

Can Hero Revamp Enter Meta in Mobile Legends?

The answer itself is that there are some who enter funds, some are not, which for our own review we will present below.

Hero Revamp Meta


Alucard can become a meta by being used as a hyper carry, where the ability of this one hero does have great damage and can provide a wide area of ​​attack. Just like Roger, Alucard’s own gameplay is fairly identical.


Next there is Saber who is an assassin hero who gets the latest revamp which makes him better than before. Saber is arguably quite sick and better defensive before. According to the author, Saber is suitable for use as support or offlaner.


Next there is the Tigreal which is a tank with excellent CC capabilities. Tigreal lately has become a meta and is widely played, with the revamp makes this one hero now perfect.


Eudora will be very suitable to be used as support in Mobile Legends. Has a very annoying ability and high damage. Eudora fits into a meta in the upcoming 18 season.

Hero Revamp Not Meta


First there is Layla who is a marksman hero who doesn’t enter the first meta. Just like before, Layla doesn’t have an escape mechanism skill which is difficult for her to escape. Layla tends to be easy to target and requires more cover and is difficult to roam.


Miya is actually quite good, but you need to know, this one hero still has many shortcomings, with her new skills that are effective in stopping opponents, Miya is still fairly slow and not suitable to be used as a hyper carry like Yi Sun Shin Roger or Karrie.


Finally, there is Zilong, who is a fighter hero who gets the latest revamp in Mobile Legends. What’s interesting is Zilong’s ability to provide spam kills when a minion, creep or hero is defeated, but there are several factors that make this hero not meta enough. Starting from its low durability to not being so strong as an offlaner and not being suitable as a hyper carry, it makes Zilong not enter the meta in Mobile Legends.

So that’s it, the revamp hero line doesn’t enter meta in Season 18 of Mobile Legends. Hopefully this review will be useful for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest and interesting information. Stay Tune!