Can you do prone jumping tricks on PUBG Mobile?

There are various tricks and techniques that you can do in the PUBG Mobile battle royale world. One of the most difficult to do is the Prone Jumping trick and in the following we will provide the info as well as tips on how to do that trick.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for its complex gameplay. The world of PUBG Mobile’s battle royale is vast. With a large map that has its own complexity, players can find various arena fields that vary in the map of each map.

With such conditions, PUBG Mobile players must be ready with all the conditions they encounter on the battlefield. Therefore mastering techniques and tricks is a basic skill that PUBG Mobile players must have.

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Prone Jumping Tricks, The Hardest Tricks in PUBG Mobile

When in a building such as a house, you will have a narrow visibility. For example, if an enemy suddenly comes and you are cornered by the window, what will you do? Now this Prone Jumping trick is suitable for making you escape through the window in an effective way.

As the name suggests, this Prone Jumping trick is a combination of two positions, namely prone (prone position) and jump (jump). So simply put this trick makes you jump in a prone position. Complicated, right? The following illustrates an example using the Prone Jumping trick.


As we can see above, the player is jumping in a prone position. This method is mainly used for jumping out of the house through the window. By using this jumping trick, you will shorten the time you jump out of the house. So this is an effective way.

How to Do the Prone Jumping Trick

To do this Prone Jumping trick, you actually only need to press two buttons at once, namely the button to get down and jump. But before doing that, there are technical things that you must prepare. Here’s how.

  1. Technical Method: Enter the basic settings (basic settings) then go to the Jump / Climb option and select Separate
  2. The technical method above will make the jump and down buttons can be used simultaneously more easily
  3. Enter the game, try to press the down and jump buttons at the same time

To be able to smoothly perform this trick requires serious and repetitive practice. You have to keep trying to press the two buttons at the same time until you get the right result. Plus you have to understand when, where, and under what conditions this trick can be used.

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That’s the info about the Prone Jumping trick as well as how to do it. Do you feel challenged to be able to master this trick? Good luck and thank you!