Cancer is the cause of the departure of the Dota 2 offlaner, Flow

Sad news comes from a competitive realm Dota 2 when former FlyToMoon and Vega Squadron player, Alexander “Flow“Sazonov has passed away. This Offlane player has cancer or rather mediastinal germ cell tumor. Flow Dota 2 leaving sad news, especially for the European region and the CIS.

Previously in February 2020, Flow performed surgery to remove tumors or cancer and returned to the competitive arena Dota 2. I persist in pursuing my dream without worrying about the illness she has suffered from for the past few years.

Until in the end, September 30, 2020 became the last date for Flow to breathe. His cancer killed the 25-year-old player, quoted by and Dota2RuHub.

Flow himself dabbled directly into the realm of esports professionals in 2015 and took the Offlane position. Flow has strengthened several top teams, such as Double Dimension, Prodota Gaming, Elementrs Pro Gaming, Duza Gaming, Vega Squadron, and most recently when defending FlyToMoon.

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At the start of the 2019-20 DPC season, Flow joined FlyToMoon at its first LAN event, DreamLeague Rotterdam. He continued to compete until last August before finally saying goodbye at the end of September.

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Source: VPEsports

We, the whole RevivalTV team, share our condolences for Flow’s departure.

Rest in peace, CIS Talent Offlaner.