China Qualified For CS: GO World Championships

China advanced to the CS: GO World Championships 2016 tournament, after defeating Mongolia and Singapore in the qualifying playoffs for the Asian region.

For a month, the competition for a place for the Asian team took place in the World Championships tournament with a double-elimination group stage format and continued to the single-elimination playoffs round.

A total of 24 teams participated in the competition, with 4 teams directly receiving invitations to the main qualifiers, namely China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Meanwhile, the other 20 teams must play two qualifying rounds. Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Mongolia managed to qualify to face the 4 invited teams.

China and Indonesia qualified for the playoffs, followed by Singapore and Mongolia. China surprisingly beat Mongolia 2-1 and Singapore 3-0 in the best-of-five Grand Final.

With this result, China overtook Australia in the list of teams participating in the 2016 World Championships. Meanwhile, the South American regional qualifiers currently entering the semifinals, are filled with 4 teams, namely Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru.