Comparison of Dacia and UAZ PUBG Mobile, the Most Favorite Car Duo!

When playing PUBG Mobile, all the components in the game can certainly be used to build strategies. For example, such as a vehicle or car that is not only used to transport players, but can be used as defense.

There are two cars that are the most hits used by PUBG Mobile players, namely Dacia and UAZ. Between the two, which one is the best? How do the specifications compare? Check out the explanation below!

Comparison of Dacia and UAZ PUBG Mobile, the Most Favorite Car Duo!


Material Resistance

When it comes to which one is stronger or more resistant than gun fire, the answer is UAZ. UAZ has a large and sturdy body, making it stronger from enemy attacks.

In contrast to Dacia which does not have the strong resistance of UAZ. So if you are looking for a vehicle that has strong endurance, then UAZ is the answer.

Handling / Steering Response

Dacia has better steering response, this makes it look more agile when compared to UAZ. In addition, a good response is also useful when you move swiftly to avoid enemy attacks from inside the car.

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Acceleration Speed

Dacia has more power when compared to UAZ, probably because the material from Dacia is not too heavy so it makes it easier to accelerate quickly.

Dacia will be very useful when you want to play with bar-bar gameplay, its agile and fast movements will save you time to enter the zone, chase enemies, or maybe escape from enemy attacks that are impossible to fight.

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Acceleration Speed ​​Reverse

Unlike Dacia, UAZ now has a better reverse acceleration ability. Its strong strength makes UAZ able to defeat Dacia when walking backwards.

Of course this is useful when you are going down the hill and then forced to retreat because of the enemy. So use UAZ if you want to walk on extreme roads like hills.

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Dacia has a small size, because this car is basically shaped like a sedan and has a low roof. So when it is used for Forting, Dacia is only able to cover two players.

Meanwhile, UAZ appears with a large and tall body, so that three people or even a squad can take cover behind UAZ from enemy attacks. So if you are alone, do you prefer UAZ or Dacia?

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand more about how the difference between Dacia and UAZ, which are the most favorite car duo in PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening!