Complete the PUBG Mobile Miramar Map

PUBG offers a more serious battle royale game than other mobile games. The match arena is made as real as possible by lowering the players into a unique island. This time we will discuss about PUBG Mobile Miramar Map.

If asked which battle royale genre game offers a more serious game? Of course the answer is PUBG. After the mobile version was released, PUBG was also able to compete with other battle royale genre mobile games such as Free Fire. PUBG is considered to provide a more real game.

On each island there are unique locations and there are also certain weapons that are only found in certain maps. Miramar is one of the folders in PUBG Mobile which has its own uniqueness. Here’s more info.

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Map of Miramar

Map Miramar is the second map provided in PUBG Mobile. Miramar is described as an arid island filled with desert. The only place that you can use to take shelter in this place are the buildings. As the second map, Miramar also has the same area as the Erangel map, which is 8km x 8km.

With the vast area, in this PUBG Mobile Miramar Map, players can freely boot and plan strategies. With an open environment because it is filled with deserts, Miramar is perfect if you want to play as a sniper. Long range attacks with a sniper are very good in a wide and open place like this Miramar.

Exclusive weapons that can only be found on this PUBG Mobile Miramar Map are the R45, SCAR-L, and Sawed-off. Interestingly, the three exclusive weapons in Miramar are the most painful weapons in PUBG Mobile. Of course this will provide a bigger challenge. It is certain that players are looking for the following exclusive weapons.

List of Places on the Miramar PUBG Mobile Map

There are several cities in Miramar, both big and small cities with different levels of popularity or crowd. Here’s a list of places in the Miramar folder.

Pecado City is located in the center or center of the map. Even though this city is classified as a small city, Pecado has a high level of popularity or crowd. You can get a variety of equipment for looting. You can find various weapons, armor, and equipment in this small town.

This one place is located on Prison Island or indeed an island that is prepared for prison. The level of crowd in this place is low even though the loot available here can be said to be pretty good. You can find a variety of armor, weapons, and standard equipment in this area.

This one location is certainly a quiet place. But even though it’s quiet you can still get loot in this place. You can find several types of weapons and standard equipment at Graveyard.

This city is the largest city on the island of Miramar, which is located in the southeast of the island. As the largest city, Los Leones is certainly a city with a high level of crowd.

In the southern part of Los Leones there is a large cave which is the looting place for PUBG Mobile players. It was common knowledge among players that this place would surely get crowded soon. So when you have finished looting, immediately leave this place.

The city of San Martin is one of the big cities on Map Miramar PUBG Mobile. The city is located north of the map with a high level of crowd. In this city you can get loot in the form of riffles, attachments, and armor.

This city is one of the cities with a high level of popularity or crowd. Naturally, because this city provides a variety of equipment for various loots. You can find various armor, weapons, and equipment in this city.

This city is classified as a small city and is one of the favorite looting spots on the Miramar PUBG Mobile map. This place is located south of the Miramar map. However, this small town is classified as difficult to access because it is separated from the big island of Miramar. That is what causes this city to be fairly lonely. You can use a vehicle to get to this place.

The city is located northwest of the island of Miramar. This city which is classified as a big city has a medium level of popularity or crowd, not too crowded. The loot available in this city is riffles, attachments, and armor type weapons.

Valle de Mar City is a large city located on the southwestern island of Map Miramar PUBG Mobile. The city is connected to Prison Island via a bridge. Even though it is a large city, Valle del Mar is a quiet city.

The city is located west of the map. As one of the big cities in Miramar, Monte Nuevo has a moderate level of crowd. This place provides loot in the form of riffles, attachments, and armor.

Next, there are several other places on the PUBG Mobile Miramar Map.

  • Chumacera

  • Trivia

  • Puerto Paraiso

  • Impala

  • Tierra Bronca

  • La Cobreria

  • Cruz del Valle

  • Torre Ahumada

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That’s a review of the Miramar map on PUBG Mobile. There are still places that have not been properly touched on the Miramar map because of the size of this place. Thank you. Don’t forget to follow my esports!