Conflict of Seizing and Thirst for Power! The following is a list of films about political chaos

Politics itself means the process of forming the distribution of power in society. Where in that sense it can take power to create a safe and secure country.

On the other hand, this politics can also be interpreted as the efforts taken by citizens in creating happiness together. But what if there is a film that carries the theme of politics to dominate certain areas. Here are some of the resulting list of films about political turmoil.

Political Portraits (1969)

This film was released in 1969. There is a lot of information about this film, whether it’s who the cast is or anything else. However, it is certain that this film discusses the political rottenness that is going on. So what is the continuation of the Political Portraits film, please watch the film itself.

Political Promise (2011)

The title, promise, of course, is about promises. Yep, in the film Political Promise tells of a governor who does not want to keep his promise, in short, in his leadership era, there are still many criminals roaming the streets, so the law is still weak.

What’s worse, this governor is only concerned about himself. Will this governor repent and correct his mistakes or vice versa.

Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey (2011)

This film, released in 2011, is an outstanding documentary. It is told of a rebel who has triggered the state apparatus to take action to replace the political system, because it is considered inefficient in the current situation.

Berdnadete is the main character in the film Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey, where she is told that she is a strong and politically intelligent woman.

The Art of Political Murder (2020)

This film tells the story of investigating the truth behind the murder of a Guatemalan bishop who was assassinated in 1998. He is murdered on a big day and holds the military accountable for uncovering the case.

Atrocities that occurred in politics also contributed to Guatemala’s death. will they succeed in solving the case.

Politics should be used for the benefit of the people. Not even concerned with the rulers. Because the Constitution was created for the welfare of the people. Hopefully you will be entertained by the fun of the film above!