Cool FF Pantun Collection by Free Fire Players

This time, my esports will discuss Cool FF Pantun which free fire players use to reply to PUBG mobile rhymes. Maybe you are often lazy and angry when playing the Free Fire game. However, don’t be annoyed, it’s better for you to take it easy. If you take it too seriously, what you have is even more annoying.

Here we have a little entertainment for those of you who are always annoyed playing games and also often fight with the next game. If so, just reply using a rhyme. We here have a collection of Free Fire Poems that you can use, which we will provide in more detail later.

Free Fire is one of the most popular games among various groups. This game is widely played from adults to children. This game also often occupies the top rating in the playstore and even has a lot of downloaders. Sometimes annoying players make you pissed off and want to say harshly. Not to mention arguing with the next game can knock the mood to the ground.

This is better left alone, what matters is the moment when playing. If you keep getting pissed off like this, what you have is even more bad mood. You better try to see the Free Fire rhymes below, to raise your mood. This is not to mock other games, but only as entertainment. So don’t be too salty.

We will provide the FF Kerens Pantun Collection as entertainment for those of you who are upset about using this FF rhyme. This is just a mood generator, so it doesn’t drop other games. As you know, each game has its advantages. Everyone also has their own favorite ways of playing and games.

Lots of rhymes that may be relevant for you Free Fire and PUBG Mobile players. You can also use it to joke with each other or tease other players. Below is a summary of the many existing rhymes.

The rhymes here are also quite interesting. Some are funny, some are cringy. But yes all of them are just for fun. Free Fire players have quite a large collection of rhymes.

Free Fire Pantun Collection

Here we will provide some funny Free Fire rhymes for FF players to read. Of course, this FF Pantun is only for entertainment, so don’t take it seriously.

The following is a list of cool FF rhymes that free fire players must know to reply to PUBG mobile players:

Cool FF Pantun the Important is Halal

Take a walk to meet Acil,
Acilnya bring salt,
It’s okay if there are a lot of FF leaks,
The important thing is not haram.

Instead of fighting, Mending greetings

Morning morning mabar pabji,
Mabarnya come home, sir,
Woi pabji brothers,
We better shake hands,

The important thing is Skill

Scar yo scar,
Famas yo famas,
Skin doesn’t need to be frightening,
But the skill must be ferocious.

Good Graphics, Low Settings?

Walk with Adek,
Adek wears swallow sandals,
PUBG games are proud of HD graphics
Just keep on setting you make it low.

Pantun FF Don’t Keep Insulting

Go to the market to buy clothes,
Don’t forget to buy duku,
Love your pubg,
Don’t insult my Free Fire.

All Italic

Again slamming the plate,
Instead of breaking, it is cracking,
PUBG kids can shoot tilted if you shoot,
Maybe it’s adjusted to the brain.

The important thing is that you play

Looking up at the sky looking up at the crescent moon,
Seeing the scenery while eating dumplings,
It’s okay if our game is eight bits,
The important thing is the players are busy.

No Door, But Number 1

Go to Cimanggu to buy shoes,
The one selling is called the Queen,
Indeed, Free Fire doesn’t have a door,
But remember in the number one playstore.

Already playing FF only

To the forest looking for rattan,
Find rattan to make toys,
Why remember ex,
Better to focus on the FF, bro.

Instead of the former, Mending Mabar

Go to the market to buy coconut milk,
Came home to buy pickles,
Instead of thinking about your ex,
We better be happy.

Cool Number One Pantun FF on Playstore

Drinking milk at the door
Going to school wearing shoes
Our game doesn’t have a door
But in the number one playstore

The important thing is Booyah

Go jogging at night,
dad says it’s dangerous
Why do we eat chicken,
Mending Booyah continuously.

Boy But Pro Player

Look at the boy’s name
Buy a motorbike by bartering
It’s okay for our games to have a lot of kids
But our boy is a pro player

What’s Better With Your Ex?

Go to the market to buy coconut milk
Go home to buy pickles
Instead of thinking about your ex
We better be happy

Pantun FF Mending to the Workshop to Bring Scar

2 3 eat molen
Scar is golden
To the repair shop with a motorbike
The important thing is the scar incubator

Alok’s Best Character

23 Demon Motor
23 Garden of potatoes
Our Shotgun is free
Have Alok, why is it nice

Poem Free Fire Mending Skill Than Skin

scar yo scar
famas yo famas
skin doesn’t need to be frightening
but the skill must be ferocious

This one is more skin than skill

Clean lakes, dry rivers
While bringing sticky rice
It’s okay with yellow damage
The important thing is to have Titan

Pantun FF 8Bit Rich Game Saturn?

Looking up at the sky while looking at the crescent moon
See the scenery while eating dumplings
It’s okay if our game is eight bits
The important thing is the players are busy

Prayer Former

Flying in the duku tree
Don’t forget to buy nails
Good evening my ex
Hopefully you don’t do well

Objection Game

Walk with Adek
Adek wearing swallow sandals
PUBG kids are proud of HD graphics
Just keep on setting it always makes it low

Hijrah players

Coconut fruit in the forest
There are many branches in the forest
Why remember the ex
Better to remember God

Pantun FF His brain is tilted

Again slamming the plate
Instead of breaking, it cracks
If you shoot PUBG kids you can tilt
Maybe it’s adjusted to the brain

Cool FF rhymes and PUBG during Eid

Morning morning mabar pabji
Mabarnya come to the house, sir
Wow, pabji brothers
It’s better to shake hands

Viral Still Important

the road to the house sparrow
On the road I met a lizard
Even though the editor is 8 bit classy
But still viral

That’s the Free Fire Pantun Collection that can raise the mood when you’re annoyed with playing games. The poem is only for entertainment and does not mean to drop other games. So Bring just have fun.

Yes, although FF Kerenter’s rhymes look a bit like that, they are still funny and deserve appreciation. Maybe if there are PUBG Mobile kids who want to make pantung, they can see this as inspiration. Also complete the booyah day FF ​​mission so that you get attractive prizes

Just bring fun and don’t be serious about this FF Pantun. Just for fun and relax because this is just entertainment. For those of you who are too serious, just let it go. Don’t be so easily aggressive when you hear the FF Pantun. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!