Damage Over Time in Mobile Legends

Disadvantages and advantages of damage over time in Mobile Legends. Of course you’ve heard the term DoT or damage over time. This type of damage is somewhat different from other damage in Mobile Legends. The thing that distinguishes this type of damage is that even though the damage is small, it can continue to have an effect even until the enemy dies continuously.

There are not too many heroes who have DoT in Mobile Legends, which is the reason many players pay less attention to it. Though DoT can be very dangerous if used in the right situations. For example, in laning, DoT is a type of damage that really annoys many heroes and players.

Here, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of damage over time in Mobile Legends. Damage over time or commonly shortened to DoT is very interesting to discuss. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to using DoT which we can discuss this time.


Very Effective At Lane

Compared to all other damage, you could say DoT is the most Effective damage on the lane. How not, even though the damage is small, DoT, but it can endlessly take out damage which can disturb the laners who fight it.

Must be on the hard counter

DoTs are very difficult on the hard counter which makes them effective in the laning phase. But there are drawbacks to DoT which we will explain below. But apart from the hard counter, DoT has almost no other weaknesses unless you dare to swallow the damage.

Can be done continuously

This is the main advantage of DoT. With DoT, usually heroes who have this type of damage can continue to do damage without stopping. The reason is that the skills of these heroes are fairly cheap. Therefore you don’t need to be afraid of being able to spam your DoT and force enemies to swap lane or go home.


Counters By Healing Hero

This is the main thing that you should pay attention to when fighting DoT. DoT is very weak against over heal. Heroes like Rafaela and Estes benefit greatly in laning against DoT heroes. This is because they can withstand DoT damage, rendering their damage useless.

Inconsistent To Duel

Although strong as a bully lane, unfortunately DoT is not very effective when doing duels. Indeed, the DoT lane is very annoying but if they are ganked or pushed forward then DoT has almost no chance other than kiting or hit and run.

Those are the pros and cons of damage over time in Mobile Legends. It is very interesting for you to understand because DoT can be your way out to become lane bully. Take advantage of the advantages and avoid the losses so that you can continue to win on the lane.

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