Diamond Estimates for the ML Recall Seal of Eternal Flower Mobile Legends Event

After the latest Mobile Legends update for season 17, now it turns out that there is a new shop recall event. This snow-themed recall effect is in line with the Ruby hero who uses the Edelweiss skin. The newest recal effect that you can get at the latest Mobile Legends event shop is the Seal of Eternal Flower. The recal effect is great because when used it will create beautiful snowflakes. To get this recall, of course, you have to provide quite a lot of diamonds.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the diamond estimation for the seal of eternal flower recall event if you want to get this recall effect. For those of you who are still curious and want to know how many estimated diamonds are needed to get the latest recall effect of the seal of eternal flower in Mobile Legends, let’s just see the full explanation below!

Estimated Diamond for the Recall Seal Of Eternal Flower Event

To find out about this event, you must first enter the Mobile Legends game, of course. Wait for the loadin screen to finish and after that you will be on the Mobile Legends lobby page. Enter the Mobile Legends Shop and in the “Recommendations” option you can search for “Recalling Effects Lucky Bundle for 30 diamonds. In it, there are lots of items that you can get when you buy this item and of course you have to buy it repeatedly in order to get the Seal of Eternal Flower recall animation effect permanently.

Maybe to get rid of your doubts about the quality of the Seal of Eternal Flower’s recall when you get the recall effect trial, you use it first in a gameplay. That way you can see for yourself whether the quality is good or not. When you are interested in getting it permanently, then you have to buy it repeatedly until you get the recall effect of this Eternal Flower seal permanently.


As important information for you, to get this recall effect permanently you must provide at least 1000 diamonds for Mobile Legends. Because with this 1000 diamond stock it is possible for you to get it permanently. But there is also one YouTuber Gaming who needs 5000 Mobile Legends diamonds to get it. It depends on how lucky you are, to be safe, you have to provide a minimum 1000 Diamond yes!

Maybe it is quite expensive but the recall effect of this Seal of Eternal Flower is quite good and is a rare animated recall effect. This is certainly a natural thing considering the rarity of this item and its good quality.

Now that’s an explanation of the diamond estimation for the Seal of Eternal Flower Mobile Legends recall event that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for you. Please buy and use this Seal of Etenar Flower Recall Effect in Mobile Legends gameplay!