Difference of Sniper Rifle and DMR in PUBG Mobile

DMR or Carbine is one of the deadliest weapons in PUBG Mobile. One example of a DMR weapon is Mini14 or MK14 which for some beginner players are both sniper weapons in PUBG Mobile.

No wonder many say this weapon is a sniper weapon like AMW and others. Of course, you guys think so too, don’t you? But apparently not, here are the differences between the Sniper Rifle and DMR at PUBG Mobile.

The use of Sniper weapons is very important in the PUBG Mobile game, this weapon is able to defeat the enemy with one attack. Even though only one shot is given, it is able to make you win the Chicken Dinner. So, therefore, consider some of the differences between the Sniper Rifle and DMR in the PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Sniper Rifle


Sniper Rifle is a sniper weapon that has excellent distance and strength. This weapon is often targeted by most PUBGM players today. However, there are significant drawbacks to other weapons. The Sniper Rifle has deadly accuracy and damage, but is limited by a small bullet slot and the speed of shooting only once.

Unlike DMR type weapons, sniper rifles have damage even twice that of DMR weapons. Some of the best weapons you can use include the AWM, M24, Karabiner 98 Kurz which are the best sniper weapons of choice for many PUBG Mobile players today.

DMR or Carbine in PUBG Mobile

Next, is a DMR type weapon which is a weapon that is often considered a sniper in PUBG Mobile. Some examples of DMR weapons are Mini 14, SKS, MK14, SLR and QBU which are the favorite weapons of most PUBG Mobile players today.
DMR stands for Designated Marksman Rifle which has a function as a combination of Assault Rifle and Sniper.

This weapon has higher damage than AR weapons but lower than the original Sniper Rifle.
Another advantage, namely having a smaller size and very easy to carry, DMR weapon is the favorite weapon of PUBG Mobile players to attack enemies in installments.

This weapon is very suitable for use at the end of the battle when the safe zone is smaller when in battle, besides that the Carbine is also a sophisticated weapon because it is lighter and can back up other weapons such as Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle and DMR.

So that’s the difference between Sniper Rifle and DMR, which are weapons that are often mistaken for snipers in the PUBG Mobile game. Sniper weapons are very effective in using miramar maps and combined with AR, then snipers are more suitable in small fields such as Sanhook or Erangel.

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