Discount Shop Mobile Legends, Heroes & Skin ML Cheap!

Mobile Legends has a new feature called Discount Shop, which has a function to help you get Mobile Legends skin prices to be very cheap. This feature is perfect for those of you who want to buy up all the Mobile Legends skins. Because the more you buy skins, the bigger the discount you get.

By using a discount, you will definitely be happier shopping. Which, the items that you can get yourself are quite varied, ranging from heroes to skins with large pieces. Of course, the newest event one will really help you to get the various skins you want at low prices.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information regarding the presence of the Discount Shop Event which gives you the opportunity to get heroes, skins and other items at very cheap prices. For that, you can take advantage of the latest Discount Shop event in Mobile Legends.

Discount Shop Mobile Legends, Heroes & Skin ML Cheap!

Discount Shop Mobile Legends, Heroes & Skin ML Cheap!

To go to the Discount Shop menu, you can go to the Shop Menu and then you will find a new menu called Discount Shop. This latest event only lasts for up to four days and those of you who missed this event may come at a later date.

To do shopping at the Discount Shop, you can have from the five cards available, starting from heroes and skins. After that you just select the item you want and then, put it in the basket that has been prepared.

This system is certainly what you usually encounter in e-commerce buying and selling sites as usual. Put the item you want in the basket and then buy it. Easy enough, right?

The discount price offered is very large, which is 40% and the more items you buy, the bigger the discount you can use. Therefore, buy all the skins available to get all the skins available in Mobile Legends.

You can also refresh the list of available items if the first list item doesn’t match what you want. This is of course very suitable for those of you who want to find your favorite skin for a cheaper price.

Discount Shop Mobile Legends, Heroes & Skin ML Cheap!

In comparison, for 4 heroes and skins with a total price of 2516 diamonds, you can get them for a total of 1508 diamonds only. This of course will save around 1008 diamonds for those of you who want to get it.

Now that’s all the explanation regarding the Discount Shop event that is present in the Mobile Legends game starting on November 27, 2020. This event will last for 4 days, that’s why don’t miss this latest event!

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