Do you want to be good at jumping fast and far in PUBG Mobile? Here’s How!

While on the PUBG Mobile plane, surely you will determine where the place will roughly be where you land and collect loot as preparation for war.

However, have you just arrived at a place but have been attacked by enemies with complete weapons? Or have you ever seen the enemy parachute that was already under you when you were plunging?

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It happened because of the different plunge speeds. Because actually, even to jump in, you also need a strategy to do it. You can descend faster or farther in certain ways. Whoa, it turns out that playing PUBG Mobile must be like using a strategy, huh! Even for small details like jumping off this plane.

Want to know how to do the trick for jumping fast or far in PUBG Mobile? Check out the explanation below!

Do you want to be good at jumping fast and far in PUBG Mobile? Here’s How!

Get down fast

When you want to descend fast, the distance you can cover cannot be too far. The distance that you can travel with a maximum plunge speed is 700-750 meters, above that you are likely not going to jump right at the location you marked.

When the plane has shown a distance of 750 meters from the location point that you marked, immediately descend by swooping.

You can do a dip by simply pointing the joy stick towards 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock, then the player’s gaze drops down. If true, then your position will tilt at a speed of 234km / hour.

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Go Down Far

PUBG Mobile Duo Mode

If you want to land in a place that is far from the plane line, you can jump with a distance of about 1500-2000 meters. The trick is to hold your character to the limit of the closest distance between the plane and the indicated location point, then plunge.

You can point the joystick at 11 or 1 o’clock then after that raise your character’s gaze, if you are right then you will jump at 126km / hour.

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At a distance of 1500-1600 it is possible that your parachute will open and don’t look down, stay straight and let your parachute float slowly. If successful, you should be able to fly as far as 400-500 meters so that the maximum distance covered can reach 2000 meters.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand how to land fast and far on PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening!