Don’t Use This Weapon During the PUBG Mobile Tournament!

PUBG Mobile provides various kinds of weapons that you can use while playing the game. Each weapon has its own function.

There are even weapons that cannot be used during competitions or tournaments. What are these weapons, and why? Come on, see the explanation below!

Don’t Use This Weapon During the PUBG Mobile Tournament!


MK47 Mutant

Mutant is an AR weapon or Assault Rifle that uses 7.62mm bullets. With this large bullet, even though the Mutant has high damage, the recoil is still very difficult to control.

This difficult recoil makes it an inefficient weapon when used for a race or tournament. Coupled with the shooting mode which only has two modes, namely Burst and Single.

As a substitute for this weapon, usually players will prefer to use the AR Semi-Auto gun with green or 5.56mm bullets, namely the M16A4.

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SLR is a DMR weapon or Designated Marksman Rifle which has a higher recoil than its twin, namely SKS. Even though the recoil is higher, the resulting damage is also higher than the SKS.

Basically, a pro player doesn’t really need a weapon with enormous damage. However, all they need is a weapon with sufficient damage but easy to control recoil and stability.

Unfortunately, the things we mentioned above are not owned by SLRs. SLR has recoil and stability that are difficult to control, so in the end pro players prefer to use SKS.

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Although now Win94 has been given additional scope by PUBG Mobile, this weapon is still not very effective or efficient if used as a battle weapon during the PUBG Mobile tournament.

The damage is small, making players prefer to directly use the sniper bolt action with great damage and can be fitted with various scopes such as Kar98K, M24, and AWM.

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PP-19 Pizon

This weapon has no attachments at all, except for the scope only. Even though it has a large number of bullets, it turns out that the recoil of this weapon for an SMG or Submachine Gun can be said to be quite large.

Usually pro players prefer to use other weapons such as Vector. Even though Vector doesn’t have a large number of bullets, it still has a complete slot for attachments so that its recoil and stability are maintained.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you to understand what weapons pro players are most avoiding while participating in the PUBG Mobile tournament. Thank you for listening!