Download the May 2020 Advanced Free Fire APK which is open today!

For now, the battle royale type game is indeed the trendiest one to play. One of them is also a game developed by Garena, namely Free Fire. This game has been released since 2017, where in that year this game did not sell well. But getting here, finally Free Fire becomes a good game. This time, you can download Advanced Free Fire May 2020, which opens today!

All updates that have been presented by Garena, of course, will not disappoint many players. The current Booyah Ramadhan event has been completed by many players from Indonesia. All of these things, of course, will give a quite interesting impression.

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Because with the prizes you get from this event, you can also make a Free Fire account that looks cool. That way, there will be no more excuses for not completing the event given by Garena.

In the future, there are still many new updates that will be presented by Garena. Even now, the Advanced Server Registration has been Opened. So of course you can do the registration right now.

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On May 21, 2020, the Advanced Server was officially opened by Garena Free Fire. So those of you who have registered, can directly download the APK from the Advanced Server. So you can try Wolfrahh’s New Character in it.

For now, we will provide the latest information about How to Download the Advanced Server. Immediately, we see the explanation below.

How to Download Advanced Server Free Fire May 2020

For now, the game server has been opened by Garena Free Fire. Even every player currently available, has started accessing the server. So that way, all of you will definitely start doing the same.

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Where you will be, will start to download the APK from the Free Fire Advanced Server. So you can try, and play on that server. Even later, you can try the newest Pet Falcon which is quite unique.

All the new features that are present in this advanced server, will be tested for a while. So, of course, you can’t miss this, especially those who have registered. Because in the advanced server.

Easy Steps to Download Adv Server FF APK

The following are some procedures for downloading the APK from the Free Fire Advanced Server.

  1. Enter into the Free Fire Advanced Server Link
  2. Login Using an FB Account that was previously registered
  3. Later you will be directed to the web download and can directly download the APK

There are so many unique things that you can get from this server, even you will also get lots of diamonds from the Advanced Server. If all of you, managed to find quite a number of Bugs.

Then report it to Garena, so that you will make it easier for them to fix the Bug.

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With the presence of this Advanced Server, besides you can test the latest updates. You also can get many benefits, so that later you will never regret going in and trying it on the advanced server.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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