Draft Pick is the Cause of Victim eSports’ defeat in MDL ID Season 2 Week 5

Mobile Legends has at least 2 matches pro scene which is currently ongoing. The pros of these are MPL and MDL Mobile legends.

MDL itself is the ‘second league’ organized by Moonton and is a place to produce talent and pro player new. Called MDL, this second league just took place in 2020. So far MDL ID has also lasted until Season 2.

In MDL Season 2 Week 5, Victim eSports competes against Siren eSports. SRN itself won the match with a final score of 2-1 over VICT. Therefore, the following is a discussion regarding draft the pick that was the cause of Victim eSports’ defeat in MDL ID Season 2 Week 5!

Standings Board

After winning 2 of 3 matches against VICT, SRN is in 6th place on the MDL ID Season 2 Week 5 standings.

Even though it has calmed the match, Siren eSports still has to accept its position which is still below Victim Esports by a difference of 1 point.

Game 3

In terms of draft pick, VICT focuses on doing tire against Akai’s hero. Although, in some games previously the Victim eSports team did tire against Harith’s hero twice in a row.

Seeing Harith off the list tire list, the Siren Esports team immediately secured the hero signature Altamiz with a win rate of 100% during the MDL ID Season 2.

As for the 5th minute, all over outer turret Victim Esports’ can be destroyed by Siren Esports. Until the 10th minute of the match, the VICT team was unable to create a moment to turn things around. In the end, the SRN swiftly took advantage of the situation to eliminate it lord and finish the course of the 3rd match with a point ratio kill equal to 1:12.

Victim eSports

Draft Pick is the Cause of Victim eSports' defeat in MDL ID Season 2 Week 5

Throughout MDL ID Season 2, VICT ML has a fairly stable performance.

After accepting defeat from a fierce battle with Siren eSports, VICT was still able to survive in 5th place in the standings. However, it appears that VICT has its own issues regarding sessions draft pick and hero composition.

Regardless of the two points are on the side of VICT or the opposing party. VICT seems to be having a hard time dealing with some special heroes. As at its meeting with the SRN, VICT initially insisted on doing so tire against Harith.

Unfortunately, games 1 itself shows that Victim esports mobile legends still need a lot of improvement. Because the SRN, which did not use Harith, was able to survive and instead put VICT under pressure.

That’s what he’s talking about draft the pick that was the cause of Victim eSports’ defeat in MDL ID Season 2 Week 5!