Dramatic Comeback, Astralis Wins ELEAGUE Major 2017

Astralis won the ELEAGUE Major 2017 after defeating the Virtus.pro team in the Grand Final with a final score of 2-1. This result was the first Major win for the Danish team.

The first game opened on the Nuke map, Virtus.pro, who got the terrorist team, was able to dominate half the round with a score of 9-6, Snax became the key to the team’s game after thwarting the defusing efforts of 3 Astralis players who were gathered.

During the team change, Astralis got momentum after they won the pistol round, but the difference in numbers in the first half became a problem, finally Virtus.pro managed to win the first game with a final score of 16-12.

The second game is located on Overpass, with the Astralis team starting from the terrorist team. VP was able to defend the bombsites but they lost the duel and had to give up 9-6 in the first half. Virtus.pro had caught up in the second half when the score touched 14-14, but Astralis was able to do better and they managed to win the second game with a final score of 16-14.

The last game played on the Train map, became a nightmare for the Astralis team. VP was able to win the first seven rounds while Astralis was only able to collect eight kills, but Astralis was able to get up and close the first half with a score of 9-6.

In the second half, VP managed to win the gun round and they gained momentum after winning 13-7, but Astralis didn’t just give up, they made a dramatic comeback and won 5 rounds in a row before finally the Polish squad took one round and the score was 14- 12. Astralis’ attacks were very effective, they were able to win 4 rounds while ensuring that they won the ELEAGUE Major 2017.

Kjaerbye became the best player on the Astralis team, with an average HLTV rating of 1.22 during the tournament. Meanwhile, Virtus.pro player snax scored the highest HLTV rating in the tournament with 1.24. dev1ce who is considered a star player in the Astralis team actually played poorly with a rating of 0.84.