Easy Ways to Add Android RAM Without Root

RAM is the most important part for the users smartphone. RAM capacity determines the ability of Android to do work at the same time. The greater the RAM capacity you have, the smoother the activities will be multitasking done without any annoying obstacles. Unfortunately not all smartphones have a large RAM capacity, so many want to increase their RAM capacity. Increasing RAM capacity without going through the root process is not difficult anymore now.

Android is usually equipped with a RAM capacity of 1 to 2 GB. RAM of this size is usually exhausted or cramped, especially if it is often used multitasking. You can increase the RAM size to solve this problem. You can do this process of increasing RAM capacity without going through the root process. There are several applications that can help with this process.

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Greenify is an application that you can use to increase the RAM capacity on your Android. Greenify is an application that is useful for hibernating applications or games on Android when not in use. This will make RAM more free than before.

Greenify can be used on rooted Android or not. This application will run more optimally after your Android is rooted. However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t root it. The principle of this application is to increase the remaining RAM on your Android, not increase the available RAM capacity. Here’s how to increase RAM using the Greenify application:

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  1. Download and install Xposed Installer on your Android
  2. Also download and install the Greenify application
  3. Open Xposed Installer, then go to the Framework tab, choose install or update.
  4. Reboot or restart your Android
  5. Go to tab modules if it has been restarted
  6. Restart again on your Android
  7. Open the Greenify app and select it experimental features. Change it working mode Becomes Boost. Check the section keep notifications, wake – up Tracker & cutoff and block app state abuse
  8. Hibernate unused applications
  9. Return to the start menu, then select the + sign and select the application that you want to hibernate.

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Well, that’s how to increase the RAM size without going through the root process. You can use the Greenify application easily. Hopefully this is useful!

Greetings technology!