Easy Ways to Enable Voice Typing in Google Docs

Typing is one of the tiring activities and can sometimes make your hands sore if you’ve been typing for too long. Especially for students who do a lot of typing because there are many tasks that have to be completed or for example typing a thesis, which you usually do several times because there are revisions or improvements from the lecturer.

Are you one of those people who feels mager when typing? Calm down guys. there are alternatives that you can do.An alternative that you can try if you are tired of typing is to activate the voice typing feature in Google Docs. This feature allows you not to have to type by hand, but just rely on your voice, guys.

You only need to speak clearly and this feature will automatically convert your voice into writing. You must be curious about how to use the feature voice typing this? Let’s see how you can do the following!

The advantages and disadvantages of Google Docs

Google Docs has the same advantages and disadvantages as various other Google services. The advantage of Google Docs is that you don’t need to install any programs like when you type using Microsoft Word. In addition, this service can be used for free without having to spend money to buy a license.

Google Docs uses a cloud storage system where you won’t need to use the internal storage of the device you are using. So you can open this file from any device as long as the device is connected to the internet and can also open your Gmail account. You don’t have to bother bringing a laptop here and there, guys.

How to activate the voice typing feature in Google Docs

The voice typing feature is very useful because you can keep typing even if you feel tired. You can also do other activities using your hands while typing using this voice typing feature. Moreover, how to use the voice typing feature is very easy, guys. Here are the steps to activate the voice typing feature in Google Docs:

  1. The first step you need to do is open Google Docs by visiting the address at docs.google.com through the browser application on your device.
  2. Now you will go to the start page of Google Docs. Sign in using your Google account to use Google Docs.
  3. Click the + icon on the page to open a new document
  4. Now select the menu tools or tools
  5. Click on options dictation or voice typing to start typing by voice
  6. Turn on the microphone mark on the laptop you are using
  7. Click the icon marked with the microphone that appears and choose Indonesian or another language according to the typing output you want
  8. Done! You have started to be able to speak using a loud and clear voice so that what you say can be converted clearly using this feature.

technology greetings! Now that’s how to type using voice by utilizing features voice typing which is in Google Docs. So you don’t need to be confused if you’re tired or typing. In addition, you can do other work using your hands while typing using voice with features voice typing this. Good luck.